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    Petsies – A Personalized Gift for Pet Owners

    Petsies are custom stuffed animals made to look just like your pet. They’re a fun gift for someone obsessed with their pet, make a wonderful keepsake to remember a past pet, or great to give business travelers who are away from their pets for long periods of time. They’re made from faux furs & airbrushed to match your pet‘s unique markings. They specialize in pets of all sizes: dogs, cats, horses, rats, birds, monkeys.

    Pet Stuffed Animals

    • Perfect for any type of pet, past or present
    • Handmade with specialty furs, noses & eyes
    • Detailed airbrushing to match their unique markings


    • Handmade & Detailed: Made to look like your pet, down to the smallest of details
    • Perfect for ANY pet: From dogs & cats to horses & rats
    • Best Gift EVER: Whether celebrating a current pet or honoring a past companion, this handmade gift is sure to bring warmth to your heart

    Despite the thousands of ego-boosting customer reviews like this one (thanks, Al!!!) stating that their Petsie is “perfect” and “looks so real”, it’s important to remember that Petsies are representations and not exact replicas of your real pet. Although Petsies artists do their absolute best to capture your pet’s likeness, they work within the natural limitations of plush and faux fur materials. For better or worse, your Petsies will not smell, shed, or bite like your pet.

    Size: 10″ and 16”

    Material: Premium polyester furs and specialty noses and eyes, combined with full airbrushing to capture even the smallest of details.

    Turnaround Time: All Petsies are completed and shipped to your home in approximately 6 weeks. During the holidays, production time is typically longer, but we’ll keep you updated!

    The Creation Process: It’s SUPER easy! All you have to do is send them the photo of your pet (via email or text message) that you want them to create your Petsie of, and Pesties’ll take over the rest. Making the perfect Petsies plush takes time, dedication and many challenging steps. To keep you happily in the loop, they will send you email updates throughout the entire design and sewing process!

    A Beautiful Plush Lookalike of Your Best Friend

    Petsies Forevers recognizes your greatest love forever and always.

    Who are Petsies Forevers for?

    • Anyone who loves their pet: honor the love and joy your pet gives you with the most special gift you can cherish forever
    • Anyone who has lost a beloved pet: give yourself or your loved ones a way to hug and honor a past pet
    • Anyone who misses their pet: give joy to your loved ones going to camp/college/school or friends moving out to a new town
    • Anyone who wants to have fun: It’s hilarious to watch your pet interact with their Petsies, and it’s also fun to dress them both up and take lots of photos

    One of the things that makes the Forevers line so amazing is the detailed airbrushing techniques used to give the Petsies a more realistic look. Each one is delicately airbrushed to match their pet counterpart as closely as possible. The artistry used by the designers is a stunning thing to behold.

    Petsies Pillows are fun, soft, and affordable personalized gifts for all pet lovers. It’s easy to turn your best friend into a huggable pillow that you can take with you wherever you go. They are also wonderful to give kids who have lost a pet to help them with their grieving process. Several styles to choose from. Affordable custom gift for any pet owner!

    Pet Shaped Pillows

    These pet pillows are hand-made with the highest quality materials and super soft plush. The team professionally apply the exact image you send them to a solid white pillow shaped like your pet. All you have to do is send the team a picture and they’ll make a one-of-a-kind keepsake pillow, so you can cuddle your pet whenever you want!

    • Pet Shaped Design
    • 3 Different Sizes
    • Head Only, Half Body or Full Body

    Pet Photo Pillows

    • Square Design
    • 16 x 16 Size
    • Multiple Design Options Available
    Petsies has just launched custom socks featuring your pet. Just upload your favorite photo of your pet and choose your background. You will love sporting these stylish socks featuring your furry (or not-so-furry) friend. They make the perfect stocking stuffer!

    Warm your toes and your heart with a pair of custom pet socks, featuring your pet’s face!

    3 Easy Steps:

    1. Upload a photo of your pet (Note: Only the face of your pet will be included on the sock)
    2. Choose from the various styles and patterns from the dropdown
    3. Enjoy your super fun & cozy socks with your pet’s face on it

    Custom Face Masks

    Two Layers, Tightly Woven, Customized Just for You

    Step #1: Choose a Custom Design
    Step #2: Upload a Photo of Your Adorable Pet
    Step #3: Make Everyone Jealous of Your New Face Mask

    Now you can show off your adorable pet while still doing your part to help keep yourself and others safe. With many places requiring face coverings, why not wear something that makes you and others smile (even if you can’t see it)? 🙂

    Product Details:

    • One-size-fits-all face covering
    • Made of premium polyester [exclusive of decoration and adjustable straps]
    • Machine washable and reusable
    • Two layers with a filter pocket [filters not included]
    • Adjustable straps

    At Petsies, they truly appreciate the unique bond that people have with their lovable companions. In fact, they are self-proclaimed “crazy pet people” and aren’t ashamed to admit it! After all, pets bring so much joy and happiness into their lives and that should be openly celebrated. They’re adorable, loyal and provide heaps of unconditional love (and cuddles); And each pet leaves an everlasting mark on our hearts that simply can’t be replaced.

    Petsies is here to help you celebrate that loving bond between you and your pet and make it last forever! Whether your pet is 8 weeks old, full grown, or forever in your heart, Petsies wants you to feel their love now and always.

    Learn more about Petsies custom plushies and how the ordering process works!