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    Eco-Conscious 1-For-1 Rainboot Brand ROMA Boots Embarks on a New Era of “Giving Poverty the Boot”

    This month, ROMA Boots celebrates their 11th anniversary marking its most successful year to date in terms of sales, customer service, and most importantly, to “Give Poverty the Boot”.

    The founder of ROMA Boots, Samuel Bistrian has stayed true to his passion and the commitment he made 11 years ago, leading a company with a philanthropic mission at the forefront. The company’s business model merges for-profit fashion with a strong 1-for-1 philanthropic give-back mission. The brand gives back to charities daily through its “Product With Purpose” initiative and the ROMA Foundation. Bistrian identifies as a philanthropist first, and a businessman second.

    The ROMA Foundation brings children and families hope, love, and lasting change by donating a brand new pair of vegan rain boots, investing in their education, and creating jobs in their communities. Also partnering with Convoy of Hope, the brand donated 40,000 boots in 2020 alone.

    What began as a local idea in Dallas to help kids in Romania has turned into a global movement impacting hundreds of thousands of children across 30 countries. The mission for 2021 and beyond is to increase the momentum and keep helping people, especially children.

    ROMA Boots is preparing to launch new colors for its best-selling Chelsea Boot line, with plans to ramp up even more philanthropic initiatives as well to celebrate their monumental success.



    • These elegant color making it perfect for matching any outfit
    • Completely waterproof to keep your feet protected in all weather
    • Designed for your comfort – no pinching or rubbing
    • Comfortable, cozy, and sleek

    The ROMA CHELSEA rain boots are the most popular styles. These rain boots are not only designed for rainy days, but you can also wear these boots with any outfit and in any weather. Throw them on when you are heading out of the house to run errands on a rainy day or pair them with your favorite jeans at work. For every pair of ROMA Boots sold, a brand new pair of rain boots are donated to a child living in poverty.



    • Beautiful and Classic coloring making it perfect for matching any outfit
    • Completely waterproof to keep your feet protected in all weather
    • Made with your comfort in mind – no pinching or rubbing

    The ROMA EMMA Mid Calf rain boots are comfortably tailored to fit any of your rain boot needs while keeping you looking fresh, fun, and fabulous all day or all night long! These boots are perfect for someone who with an industrial-inspired wardrobe full of neutral colors. For You. For All. All the boots are:

    • Vegan
    • Eco-Friendly
    • Made from: Natural Rubber
    • Outsole: Traditional Natural Rubber
    • Lining: Quick Dry Knitted Cotton Lining
    • Footbed: Multi-Layer Cushioned Sole

    About ROMA Boots:

    After spending years working at Neiman Marcus, Romanian-born Samuel Bistrian wanted to take his passion for quality and customer service a step further by giving back to people in need. Growing up extremely poor, he realized how big the impact of rain boots are in a child’s life in poverty-stricken countries and from that, his business model for ROMA Boots was created and the company’s tagline “Giving Poverty the Boot” was born. After almost a decade, ROMA Boots is fulfilling their commitment by providing aid, creating a culture of empowerment for those living in poverty and educating children to contribute their gifts and talents to society. The company name ROMA means love.