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    It’s time for a family dance party!

    You know about Charades… but how are your dance moves? Dance Charades is the perfect game for the whole family. It’s time to put your fleet feet to the test and see if your family can guess you’re dancing out!

    Ask Alexa or Google Home to “Play Dance Charades with me” and they’ll cue up the perfect tunes!

    You have 40 seconds to dance out as many Dance Charades cards as humanly possible. We guarantee everyone will be up & dancing by the end of this game. After all, that’s the point!

    You’ve seen the sprinkler. You’ve seen the lawn mower, but you’ve never seen anything like this! You’ll have a 40-second song clip to dance out as many of the dance charades cards as you can. Play with the included CD, Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. You get a point for each correct dance charade the other player guesses. The other players also get to reward you with dancing points by tossing purple tokens when you’re doing a good job! This game tends to bring even the shyest of people out of their shell. Watch in shock and awe as you see your friends and family create dance moves right before your eyes!

    • Musical twist on Charades – simple rules let players start right away!
    • Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.
    • Watch as players create new dance moves right before your eyes!
    • A great active game for family and friends!


    • 300 Dance Cards
    • Audio CD
    • 45 Scoring Tokens
    • Score Pad
    • Pencil
    • Complete Instructions
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    Bring the beach vacation home this year!

    Here are the perfect things
    for you and your family to create the perfect beach vacation
    – in your own backyard!


    Aeroflyt Ryzr

    Up in the air! Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, silly – it’s Aeroflyt Ryzr! Throw the Ryzr and watch it magically fly higher and higher! Unlike anything else in the toy world, Ryzr’s cutting edge design uses physics to create this unique playing experience.

    Zoom Ball Hydro

    Zoom Ball Hydro is the wet and wild version of our classic Zoom Ball. Pull the handles to send the ball flying over to your partner, and get ready for them to send it back. Zip the ball between you & a friend until the water balloon you loaded inside pops!

    Phlat Ball

    Phlat Ball is a one-of-a-kind flying disc that transforms into a ball in the air! Its time-delay mechanism adds a fun twist to the classic game of catch. Throw a disc and catch a ball! The kids will be having so much fun they’ll forget they’re not actually at the beach!

    You may not be able to take a family vacation this year,
    but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the family fun!

    About Goliath Games

    Goliath Games has been dedicated to creating toys and games that inspire young minds and adults alike to reach beyond their imagination. As one of the few remaining family-owned toy companies, Goliath truly understands the importance of quality family time and bringing people together.

    Since 1980, Goliath has applied its slogan “Clever Together!” to every aspect of its company culture. Furthermore, Goliath Games is devoted to creating innovative products that reinforce child development, critical thinking, social skills, and curiosity.

    Its iconic consumer brands range from Rummikub®, Tri-Ominos®, Wordsearch™, Pop the Pig®, Doggie Doo™, Gooey Looey™, Catch the Fox™, and many more. Goliath is active in many other toy categories, such as puzzles, arts & crafts, outdoor, activity, and novelties. These timeless classics span generations, inspire limitless play, and encourage children to explore the world around them.

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    The perfect gifts to recommend for graduates!

    Graduation parties look different this year,
    but that doesn’t mean they can’t be just as fun.

    It’s not how many friends you have, but how well you know them! Friend or Faux inspires players to get personal, share stories, and recall memories while making you laugh until it hurts.

    With the help of 250 question cards (ranging from tame to OMG), you’ll be inspired to get personal, share stories and recall memories to earn points!

    Do your friends know your favorite genre of music or how you met your significant other? It’s time to find out!

    How well do you really know your friends? Well, it’s time to reveal their True Colors! This revealing party game is the perfect addition to your next virtual game night with friends! Which player wishes every day was Valentine’s Day – but just for the chocolate? Which player is most observant?

    Your friends vote on how well they think a description fits you, and you earn points if you can guess how many votes you’ll get! 170 laughter-inducing questions guarantee you’ll learn surprising things about your friends you thought you knew!

    Click Here to see how to take your game night online! 

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    Coming Summer Fun For Kids

    Talking about summer, I guess kids are more excited than us. Of course, we will go to beach and have vacations for summer fun. But for kids, they are much easier than us – just a toy that they can play with water, they will feel very fun and happy. Here I have some good toys suggestions for you to consider for the Summer-expecting kids.

    Pressman Hydro Strike Action Game

    Get ready to make a splash with Hydro Strike!

    In this head-to-head pinball game, you’ll need fast flipping fingers to shoot the ball into your opponent’s goal. Score and your opponent will get sprayed in the face with water! Since a sprayer is aimed at both players, strike quick when you play, or you’ll get the spray! The first player to score 5 times wins.

    Simply squeeze the hand grips to activate the flipper, and send the ball shooting down the alley toward your opponent’s target! Watch out – sprayers are aimed at both players, adding suspense and excitement to the game. Score, and your opponent will get sprayed in the face with water!

    Will you win or get wet?

    • Fast-paced pinball action for 2 players
    • Shoot the ball into your opponent’s goal, and watch them get sprayed!
    • The first player to score 5 times wins
    • Water feature adds excitement and surprise to the game
    • Recommended for ages 7 and up

    Other the water games, kids are always loving to play interactive games with you! Sharing stories and know them better!

    Stuff Happens Parent Edition

    We get it – parenting is tough.

    Is discovering your kid’s secret booger wall better or worse than a failed homework assignment that you helped with? Rank these funny and relatable parenting moments in our new Stuff Happens: Parenting Edition card game. If our Misery Index agrees with you, you get to keep the card. Correctly rank 10 scenario cards to win!

    You’re going to read some messed up stuff on these cards that can happen to the best of parents, and then rank them based on how bad they really are. Is your kid spilling juice on your laptop better or worse than your teen getting suspended? Is it worse than 2AM feedings with your baby? Rank the card, and if our Misery Index agrees with you, you get to keep it.

    This expansion can be played on its own, but if you’re ready for a diaper change, mix these babies in with any Stuff Happens deck!

    • Each unfortunate situation is ranked from 1-100 (100 being the absolute worst) using a “Misery Index”
    • Players guess where other situations rank according to their index – if you’re correct, you keep the card
    • Correctly rank 10 cards to win!
    • For 2 or more players, ages 13 and up

    Enjoy the Summer!

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    Fun Toys For Easter Day!

    Hey! It is so excited that Easter Day is coming! Especially if you have little ones, because you know how important the Easter Day means to kids. So many fun games and activities are waiting for them.

    This year, do you want to surprise your kids with fun Easter toys? I think the answer is definitely yes! Making your kids and their little friends a even more special holiday with these toys, and I believe they will enjoy their playtime very much.

    The first one, I would like to introduce Jumping Jack!

    Kids will jump for joy when they play with Jumping Jack™, the world’s cutest bunny! Spin the spinner to see how many carrots you get to pick from Jack’s bunny hill. One of the carrots will make Jack jump, but it’s a different carrot every time. If he jumps on your turn, you’ll win if you catch him. Or, extra rules let every player try to catch him when he jumps. If no one catches Jack, then the player with the most carrots wins. This delightful preschool game teaches hand-eye coordination, taking turns and quick reactions. From the makers of Gooey Louie, Barbecue Party, and Pop the Pig. For ages 4 and up. 2-4 players.

    Game Contents:

    • 1 Bunny Hill
    • 1 Jumping Jack Rabbit
    • 12 Carrots
    • 1 Spinner
    • 4 Baskets
    • 1 Instruction Sheet

    The second one is Charades for Kids – Travel

    This classic game of Charades is designed especially for kids to play and enjoy! With three levels of clues, kids of all ages can participate. Each card has a clue with a picture, so no reading is required (although the combination of the picture and its corresponding word reinforces early reading skills). Younger players can act out a toothbrush, a cat or a bumble bee! Older children can read the simple words and phrases and act out actions like eating spaghetti or playing guitar! This game is great for the whole family to play together as they try to guess the charade before time runs out! For 3 or more players, ages 4 and up.

    • Smaller version of the family favorite is great for travel!
    • Fun, active game gets kids moving
    • No reading required
    • 3 Levels of play

    Game Contents:

    • 150 Charade Cards with 450 Charades
    • Sand Timer
    • Game Die
    • Complete Instructions

    The third toy I want to introduce is my favorite! Lucky Ducks

    This wacky, quacky matching game combines developmental skills for young children with the fun of a “My First Game.” Lucky Ducks offers all the benefits of memory and matching games in a format that’s easier for little fingers than cards. As a bonus, it helps kids with shape recognition and colors. Switch on the circular pond, and the ducks start swimming–the bottom side of each duck has a colored shape. Players take turns picking up a duck and looking at the color and shape; if it matches their color and shape they get to keep the duck. If it doesn’t match they put it back. The ducks continue to swim so it’s more challenging than a traditional memory game, but easy enough for even the youngest duck lovers to play. This extra challenge makes the game more fun for parents and kids to play together, with plenty of opportunities for fun and learning. For 2-4 players ages 3 and up.

    • A modern version of a traditional matching game that moves while players try to find a match
    • Simple format is easier for little fingers than cards and allows for independent gameplay
    • Reinforces key developmental skills like color matching and memory
    • More than 10 million units sold of this popular childhood game!
    • For 2-4 players, ages 3 and up

    Game Contents:

    • 1 Pond Shaped Game Unit
    • 12 Ducks
    • 1 Sticker Sheet
    • Complete Instructions
    • Requires 2 AA batteries (not included)

    About Goliath
    Goliath® is one of the few remaining family-owned global toy and game companies. Goliath is an international manufacturer and distributor of a broad range of products. Examples include Wahu®, Rocket Fishing Rod®, Rummikub®, Rubik’s Cube®, Tri-Ominos®, Wordsearch, Pop the Pig®, Doggie Doo, Gooey Looey, and Catch the Fox.

    The company has continued to see substantial growth with the acquisitions of Pressman Toy® and JAX® in the US, Crown & Andrews® and Britz ‘n Pieces/Wahu in Australia, Modelco® in France, and Elephanta® in New Zealand. Goliath is a market leader in TV-promoted games and is active in many other toy categories, such as puzzles, arts & crafts, outdoor, activity, and novelties. Goliath products now sell in more than 75 countries worldwide and the company has offices in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Poland, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, USA and Canada. For more information, please visitwww.goliathgames.com.

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    New Year, New Games!

    You know how hard it is to keep kids to play the same game again and again. Yes, that’s why we need new games. But, where to find new games – fun and cool enough to let kids just stay there to play with?

    No worries! Goliath, a leading global toy and games company, announced its acquisition of the Vivid Toy Group from Privet Capital for an undisclosed sum.

    Vivid is one of Europe’s leading independent branded toy and games companies, distributing, licensing, designing, manufacturing and selling a combination of in-house developed toy and games IP and third-party licenses. The Company has distributed critical partner brands in over 60 markets worldwide to leading retailers such as Amazon, Argos, Auchan, Carrefour, Mueller, Smyths, Target, Tesco, The Entertainer, and Walmart. The Company is headquartered in the UK (Guildford), and has additional sales and marketing operations in France (Paris) and Germany (Frankfurt), as well as operations in China (Hong Kong). Vivid’s core product lines are toys, games, and arts & crafts.

    Vivid is best known in the industry for EMEA distribution of the iconic Crayola brand and association with blockbuster brands over the years such as AniMagic, Moshi Monsters, Thunderbirds, Bratz Dolls, Nella The Princess Knight and many others. The company recently announced a major partnership with Corus Nelvana as part of its exciting innovation pipeline into 2019 and beyond.

    Founded in 1980, Goliath is a world leading, privately-owned, international games specialist. In 2017, NPD recognized Goliath as the #1 preschool games manufacturer and #3 children’s games manufacturer in the USA as well as the #2 overall games manufacturer in France. Using the combined scale of the Pressman, Goliath and Crown & Andrews game portfolios, Vivid will launch brand new games for 2019. Being well-known for its major investments in digital marketing, social media and TV advertising, Vivid will get the full benefit of Goliath’s global marketing team.

    “The acquisition of Vivid by Goliath represents a bold new chapter in our company’s story,” said Tony Hicks, Chief Executive of Vivid Toy Group. “With Goliath’s backing, we are well supported to build a world-leading portfolio that will continue to strengthen the company’s excellent long-standing customer relationships with the world’s leading retailers.”

    “We are extremely pleased to have acquired Vivid, which we believe has significant growth potential. With a long history of working together, we know the Vivid team well,” said Adi Golad, Chairman and Founder of Goliath. “They are a highly professional, world class business spanning toys, arts & crafts, and games with an impressive track record of ‘end-to-end’ excellence in each of its core functions, from procurement and product design to marketing and sales by its unrivaled distribution network and retail relationships in the UK and broad network worldwide. We welcome our new colleagues to the Goliath family and look forward to building a great business together.”

    About Goliath

    Goliath was founded in 1980 and is one of the few remaining family-owned global toy and game companies. Goliath is an international manufacturer and distributor of a broad range of products. Examples include Wahu®, Sequence®, Rummikub®, Rubik’s Cube®, Phlat Ball®, Tri-Ominos®, Wordsearch™, Pop the Pig®, Doggie Doo™, Gooey Looey™ and Catch the Fox™.

    The company has continued to see substantial growth with the acquisitions of Pressman Toy®, JAX®, Tucker Toys® in the US, Crown & Andrews® and Britz ‘n Pieces/Wahu in Australia, Modelco® in France, and Elephanta® in New Zealand. Today Goliath is the 2nd largest game company in France and 3rd largest in the USA.

    Goliath is a market leader in TV-promoted games and strong in many other toy categories, such as puzzles, arts & crafts, outdoor, activity, and novelties.

    Goliath products now sell in more than 75 countries worldwide and the company has offices in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Poland, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, USA and Canada. For more information, please visit www.goliathgames.com 

    About Vivid Toy Group

    Based in Guildford UK with offices in Paris, Frankfurt, Hong Kong and China, the Vivid Group is an independent, privately owned toy, games and arts & crafts company that sells in over 60 countries worldwide. Key lines include the iconic Crayola across EMEA and properties such as Nella the Princess Knight, Thunderbirds, Animagic, Fungus Amungus, Genie Girls, Disney Emoji, Phlat Ball and Squeezamals. For more information, please visitwww.vividtoysandgames.co.uk