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    Chipotle Mexican Grill!!!

    Sup Cole World!

    Funny story, so i go into Chipotle yesterday for lunch for a chicken burrito and the staff was soooo friendly, so i decided to email their national office of how nice they were to me. SO today i go back for lunch and the same guy who served me the day before looked at me and said “Hey your back!” i replied “YUP! i emailed your national office of how nice you all were to me” . He then said “Really?! well your meal is on the house today!”, so basically i got a free meal from the greatest place of all time CHIPOTLE!



                      I also took a photo of my burrito, look how hungry i was :0), Thank you Chipotle!



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    Spectacle Sunglasses

    Prada,  Marc Jacobs, Tom Ford, Chloe’s…Like the way that sounds? I will do you one better, they are all one hundred percent AUTHENTIC!! Actually Let me top that, You can get these fashionable eye pieces locally in Austin with great service WITHOUT goin through the BS they try and feed y0u at Malls…

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