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    No Need for Needles

    With the pressure to always look at least ten years younger, going under the knife has started to seem like a necessity rather than our worst nightmare.


    Fend off the needles a little longer with the help with Key West Aloe’s Collection.

    Scan 178Infused with Aloe Vera, this sunburn solvent has the power to help skin absorb up to four times more moisture and create a smoother complexion where wrinkles appear. With the help of Vitamins A-E, this anti-aging miracle will turn back the hands of time.


    KWA Skin Matrix
    Fight signs of aging and boost collagen with 80% Aloe Vera and papaya. The age defying gel strengthens, tones and firms while rebuilding skin structure and soothing sensitive skin.

    Price: $48 via online www.keywestaloe.com


    KWA Eye Matrix
    Reduce fine lines around the eyes with the power of aloe and cucumber. Firm and strengthen this delicate area and soothe sensitive skin to reduce the appearance of fine lines.

    Price: $43 via online www.keywestaloe.com


    KWA Optimal Results
    Restore moisture and improve skin texture with the super-hydrating formula. Feel the repairing efforts of grape seed oil and aloe vera bringing skin back to its luminous feel.

    Price: $48 via online www.keywestaloe.com


    KWA Solution
    This nighttime recovery serum is made with 60% Aloe Vera and alpha & beta hydroxyl acids to aid oily skin. The Solution stimulates cellular renewal to reveal younger looking skin.

    Price: $48 via online www.keywestaloe.com

    Reverse sun damage, wrinkles and crow’s feet with Key West Aloe’s age defying products!

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    Event LOVE: One-on-One with @SimpleSkinCare and @BassGita


    A few weeks ago, a small group of us gathered inside the Harbinger offices for an intimate one-on-one session with celebrity make-up artist Gita Bass. She flew all the way from NYC to give us the 4-1-1 on Simple skincare, as well as give us all the goods on how to achieve and maintain beautiful and healthy skin. Being someone that has severely sensitive skin, I’m always willing to hear how I can better take care of my skin, and  I this was my opportunity to ask all my questions (i.e. Is it okay that I  use scrub everyday? Is it okay that I put on a mask twice, sometimes three times a week? Do I really need to use an eye cream etc.) The answers to my questions? In her exact words, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” She said it was totally fine that I scrub everyday, and use a mask several times a week, and no I don’t need to use eye cream, however as I get older I’ll probably want to…. Hmmm I may have to think about this one.


    As I said before, I have very sensitive skin, and this means that I don’t just put anything on my face; so I had a number of questions for Gita regarding the Simple skincare line. I swear by black soap and raw shea butter, as that’s as pure as it gets, but sometimes I don’t have time to re-up, so it’s good to know that there is a skincare line out there, that’s gentle enough for sensitive skin, but it’s also free of dyes, artificial perfumes, and chemicals, and is instead rich with vitamins and “skin loving” ingredients. I’ve used a few of the products that we got to take home a few times, and so far, so good!


    Gita’s skin care tips?

    • Find what works for YOU.
    • Lead a healthy lifestyle, drink LOTS of water, eat LOTS of fresh vegetables and fruits, JUICE, EXERCISE.
    • ALWAYS use sunscreen (I admit I get lazy with this one…)
    • Moisturize
    • Always wash your make up off before going to bed… ALWAYS.
    • Healthy mind + Healthy body= Beautiful and healthy skin.



    20130523_162642I live for this juice! So so so GOOD!


    Gita demonstrating cute but simple summer make-up looks.20130523_163507


    The ladies didn’t skip a beat!20130523_171032

    See the smiles on our faces? It was a good afternoon!20130523_171225

    20130523_174702came home and drank several cups of water!


    Goodies! My faves so far are the smoothing facial scrub (naturally), the foaming cleanser and the protecting light moisturizer.

    After we talked everything Simple Skincare, Gita gave us some  makeup tips, while we sipped on a number of DELICIOUS Belmonte raw juices, and nibbled on light healthy snacks 🙂

    Thank you so much for inviting us, and to Gita for sharing some valuable skin care tips with us!