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    Maintain that ish!!

    It’s that time of the year, and it’s cold as sh*t. The “clean” look is slowly disappearing, and the beards and mustaches are making an appearance…

    Soft full beards. YES. Rough, uneven beards. NO SIR.
    Believe me guys, this can make or break any deal; whether it be with a female/boss whatever!
    So instead of approaching it as a task, look at it as mastering an art; a free accessory that can compliment your look from day to night 🙂 The best part about beards, is that any man can rock one! however it’s the ability to grow one that’s difficult…

    So how to grow one?

    • Whether you wanna rock a thin beard or a full beard, it’s easy to get started; stop shaving. It’s the maintenance that hinders men from acheiving that sexy manly look. 
    • You also need to asses whether you’re able to grow an even beard, or if your beard grows “unevenly” to put it nicely…(where you look like you haven’t shaved in a couple days… in need of a shave)
    • If your goal is to grow a beard; Don’t try to sculpt and shape too quickly. Instead, watch how much growth you have in the next couple of days/weeks (about 4-6 weeks), using this as a guide for when you can start trimming. 
    • If you’re growing a beard you shouldn’t be trimming it everyday… feel me? After a few weeks you’ll be able to start shaping your beard exactly how you want it.
    • If your goal is to maintain your already full beard; regular trims using beard trimmers, clippers or an electric razor will do the trick… even scissors if you’re nice like that *wink*
    I think the bosssss has a pretty dope beard!
    • From what I hear growing a beard brings along itchy/scratchy sensations as the hair gets longer; a good shampoo and conditioner as well as a good moisturizer for your skin will help soften the hair, reducing the itching. But as everyone is different some of you may not feel anything at all. But assess the kind of skin you have, start growing your beard and see where it goes!
    • Gotta have that fine tooth comb for the beginning, and a wide toothed one for that full beard! 

    If after a while, you find you’re not feeling the bearded look, you can easily shave it off (CAREFULLY) or rock a goatee! Easy as pie!

    this may not be your look, but his beard is on point! lol