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    Nicki Minaj

    Wow.  Downloaded the Beam Me Up Scotty Mixtape and trust me it’s on replay.  Why do I love her?  She is the ninja, Lil Wayne’s her sensei, Harajuku Barbie,  Nicki Lewinsky: her style is fly, her rap is sick, her face is pretty and she is versatile. I think Nicki Minaj is going real talent, keep it real round the way girl from Queens, NY.

    She says:  “I jus know that I be on my fly girl shit.I fly girl pop up & I fly girl dip. I fly girl stunt; like a fly girl flip. & I don’t never guzzle it; I fly girl sip”

    She says: “Tell Michelle I have my eye on Barack Obama”

    She says: 
    “Yo I’m a need a couple of dem benzess…
    I be out in china spendin yenzesss
    Gucci on my lenzzess
    My leather so sensative
    Scratch my 9 o’ clock
    I wanna shop make ya tenezzzz
    Dilly dilly d look at all deze hoochies
    I be on tha beach in a milli out poochie…
    I’m a I’m tha best I’m tha best ask khali
    Sorry lil daddy dat cards not valid
    I need a limited black cards like races…
    With dem real big faces
    Louie viotton cases
    Hoes in da hood say Nicki Minaj bougie…
    I do it b.I.g. so I keep a couple coogies hoezzzz”

    She says: “Skirts with the ruffle, Louis on my duffle” 

    She says: “I truly believe my haters are my motivators”

    My favorite track is Can Anyone Hear Me – She says:”I am a comic book heroine but when the wind blows im so Marilyn”