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    Event LOVE: @GUESS Music Festival Collection Launch #GUESSRocks


    When I received the invite to attend a private launch of the new GUESS Music Festival Collection I was super excited, because 1: I’m always down for to check out GUESS’ new collections as they’re usually super cute, and 2: I couldn’t wait to see who would be performing at the event… Mind you the invite said NOTHING about live performances, so I don’t know how I managed to convince myself that there would be actual performances lol, I guess my mind ran away with the whole Music Festival Collection theme…


    Anyway, I was DIGGING most of the collection. I don’t own any Guess pieces, but after what I saw, I may need to add some pieces to my wardrobe, including the accessories. I mean sure we don’t have a Coachella here in Canada, but we have so many other awesome music festivals in the summer time, that the collection is totally perfect for!


    We sipped on delicious Vodka Lemonade drinks and treats while viewing the collection. It felt like summer in there, and then we went outside 🙁


    I’m not big on jeans during the summer… or ever really, but some of them were kinda cute!20130404_184335

    I usually prefer big chunky bracelets and bangles but these would be nice too 🙂20130404_184340


    party people!20130404_184420

    yes that’s more like it!20130404_184503


    Digging this vest!

    Army green everything!!20130404_184532


    Camo everything!20130404_184612

    I’ll wear anything with animal print…20130404_184629

    These ladies making cute look too easy!20130404_184639





    Can’t do festival without the fringe!20130404_184722

    something for the boys!20130404_184728


    les noms20130404_184919

    Had me wishing summer would just get here already!20130404_184939

    soooooo good!20130404_185226

    <3 Elana 🙂

    Thank you for inviting us, the collection ROCKS!