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    Hand Sanitizer Made with 100% Pure and Natural Lavender Essential Oil and Coconut Oil

    Hand Sanitizer will be something we need for a long time. Actually having it with us all the time is not only just for keeping safe during this crazy pandemic time, but also it can be a long term good habit to keep you and your family always clean. But normal hand sanitizers in the market always smell like a chemistry lab, the experience we use them are not pleasant at all.
    Guru Nanda Hand Sanitizer is ideal spritzer to keep moisturized, clean hands on the go. It’s a 70% alcohol-based hand sanitizer, perfect everyday companion because it is enriched with true lavender essential oil and coconut oil. They are available at Guru Nanda’s website or Target stores nationwide & Target.com (https://www.target.com/p/gurunanda-hand-and-surface-sanitizer-2-fl-oz/-/A-79844232).

    Guru Nanda True Lavender Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer

    The Guru Nanda True Lavender Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer features 70% alcohol and 100% pure and natural lavender and coconut oils for an aromatic and moisturizing experience. Delicate, herbaceous and floral, this product fights germs without drying out your skin. Packaged in a 2 oz. spray, the Guru Nanda True Lavender Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer makes on-the-go spritzing easy while running errands or traveling.

    Not a lavender lover? No problem, Guru Nanda gives you other choices.

    Lemon Hand Sanitizer

    Grapefruit Hand Sanitizer

    Spearmint Hand Sanitizer

    All Guru Nanda’s HAND SANITIZER Are:

    HAND SANITIZER WITH PURE GRAPEFRUIT ESSENTIAL OIL:  These specically crafted hand sanitizers have pure essential oil. These sanitizers are free from harsh chemicals and safe for kids. They are also blended with fractionated coconut oil.

    HIGH QUALITY PRODUCT: These product is produced in a regulated cGMP certified facility to deliver the best quality to Guru Nanda’s customers.

    MULTI-PURPOSE SPRAY: Carry them while you travel or use them as an air freshener or room deodorizer to enjoy the refreshing aromas.

    CONVENIENT TRAVEL FRIENDLY PACK: They come in a small size bottle with a cap to cover the spray pump to prevent any leakage. These sanitizers spray come handy to clean your hands when no soap or water are available.

    100% PURE AND NATURAL: Guru Nanda’s products are 100% pure, natural and ethically sourced. They are committed to providing the highest quality products to their customers.