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    Boys Just Wanna Have Fun with EvolutionMan @EVMAN411

    Take a peek into the average guy’s bathroom and you might find a handful of basic grooming products. Look in the average woman’s bathroom and you’ll probably find an avalanche of beauty goodies.  It’s easy to become a product junkie with so many great options on the market, but why should the ladies get to have all the fun?

    Asking this question, EvolutionMan came up with a modern line of skincare and grooming products with every man in mind. Whether he is a Hip Bachelor, Outdoorsy Guy, Workaholic, or Pefectionist, EvolutionMan has a product just for him.

    EvolutionMan uses the highest quality ingredients in their man-pampering products, enabling men to look their best with minimal effort.

    Here’s a rundown of the product line:


    • Cleanse & Shave ($20): Dual-action time-saver that cleanses the skin and softens the beard.
    • Wash & Buff ($19): Award-winning product and efficient daily exfoliator powered by non-irritating micro-beads.


    • Moisture Protect SPF20 ($20): Keep your guy’s skin hydrated all day with a matte moisturizer that not only conditions the skin, but protects it at the same time.
    • Lip Balm SPF 15 ($10): Guaranteed to keep your main-squeezes lips kissable and conditioned, with a long-lasting matte finish.


    • Revitalize Eye Gel ($24): Does your guy work too much, and lack on sleep? This matte finish, lightweight hydrator will keep his eye area cool and calm.
    • Conceal ($20): Pair the Revitalize Eye Gel with a sheer, lightweight concealer that will smoothly blend away dark circles and imperfections.


    • Conceal & Treat ($21): Blendable concealer stick that covers blemishes or razor rash.
    • Moisture Protect SPF20 Bronze ($21): Give your guy a perfect all over glow with triple play – moisturizer, sun protection and bronzer all in one.

    And, to keep EVERY ‘GENT organized…

    • Recycled Tire Toiletries Bag ($50): This bag is sexy enough for your modern man, and durable enough for the outdoorsy guy. It is true function tempered with fashion.


    To find these products, visit www.evolution-man.com

    kisses, Olisa