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    Summer Gel Moisturizers

    You guys know that I am a big fan of the cool – that includes the other side of the pillow, a puppy name Joe Cool and coolest of all fruits… the cucumber!  I got this in my BeautyFix summer package.

    Comes in a convenient tube and is available on DermStore for $42.

    I just tried the Amarté Aqua Veil Pure Hydration Serum.  It contains natural betaine, cucumber extracts, mallow flower, sambucus nigra flower, amica montana, parieteria officinalis and hedera helix.  Don’t ask me what those things are – All I know is that it’s green and smells like cucumbers!  This is an amazing moisturizer for the summer because it absorbs quickly and is cool and soft.  I heart it.

    It reminds me of one of my favorites from H2O, the Face Oasis.  The H2O one contains Sea Mineral Complex™, Sea Fennel, Lavender, Vitamin C,Wakame, Vitamin A, Sea Lettuce, Provitamin B. 

    Summer is the best time for ‘gel moisturizers’. If you are using a milk/cream one this will take some getting use to but try it out, I guarantee that you will love it. Living in dual climate places required me to have and try all kinds of moisturizers. The secret to beautiful and supple skin is hydration.  Keep moisturizing! 

    Which brands have you tried? Which ones do you love? Tell me!

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