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    WEN Says So Long to Suds!

    Say so long to lather and give up suds for good! While the co-washing movement has taken the beauty industry by storm, it was Chaz Dean who put the ban of ‘poo on the map with his collection of cleansing conditioners from WEN Hair & Body Care. Formulated in scents you’ll love with an exclusive amino acid complex and nourishing peptides, Chaz’s line of conditioners includes the perfect match for every hair type and concern.

    Also available from WEN by Chaz Dean, are his collections of limited edition seasonal scents, featuring Summer Tropical ParadiseSummer Coconut Lime VerbenaSummer Honey Peach and Summer Mango Coconut.

    The Bamboo Green Tea collection is a gluten-free, rice-based formula designed for all hair types. With an exclusive blend of green, black, white and red teas, and the WEN amino acid and peptide complexes, Bamboo Green Tea is a powerfully nourishing line.

    The Cucumber Aloe collection is the lightest formula from WEN Hair and Body. Designed to address an oily scalp, while keeping your hair hydrated and healthy, the collection is ideal for those with fine hair that is easily weighed down.

    One of the most hydrating formulas, Fig is designed for thick, coarse or curly hair as it penetrates deeply, giving hair the hydration it needs. Fig is also the perfect choice for hair damaged by harsh chemical processes and heated styling tools.

    For hair that needs a boost in volume, the Lavender collection is lightweight and deeply hydrating. This formula is ideal for hair that is easily weighed down or becomes flat by the end of the day. 

    With Amino Acids, Peptides, Four Tea Complex and an exclusive Bamboo Water Complex, the Mandarin Italian Fig collection promotes hair growth and repair. By restoring and protecting hair, volume, shine and strength is improved for all hair types.

    This gluten-free, soy based formula is perfect for anyone with a sensitivity to wheat, but can be used by anyone. The Pomegranate collection provides the perfect balance of nourishment and hydration to all hair types and textures.

    The first formula Chaz created and still the brand’s most popular, the Sweet Almond Mint collection is designed for all hair types and textures. Great for first timers, the Sweet Almond Mint collection is the perfect introduction to WEN Hair and Body Care.

    The Tea Tree formula is designed to address common hair and scalp issues by nourishing and healing. The medicinal properties of tea tree deeply cleanse and hydrate, ideal for all hair types.