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    Look what I got 1:NEW Axe Hair Care

    So when I received this “secret” package, I was definitely VERY curious and VERY excited to see what was inside! Lauren from Harbinger asked me if I was interested in trying out AXE’s new hair care line for men on a lucky man, and you KNOW I was MORE than happy to.

    Um so because I am VERY particular about what goes into my hair, I skipped the shampoo, and because I rock a short do oh-so-fabulously, I jumped right onto the AXE… pomade.
    And I LOVE IT! It’s not sticky, smells great, doesn’t flake, gives hair an awesome shine, AND it gives hair MOVE-ABILITY! I know it’s for men, but seeing as some of my product have fallen victim to a man; it was time I had my revenge. Lol

    I did however get the man to try the shampoo… one word. WINNER. You’ll love it cause it’ll leave your scalp/hair clean and smelling fresh, she’ll love it cause you’re hair will smell GREAT! You both win:)
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