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    (T.O.) Devil’s Rejects 2…

    It was FREEZING yesterday, but that didn’t stop the dead goth girl (chinny), grace jones (me) and the 50’s pin-up girl (Sierra) from coming out to play! The Devils Rejects Party aka Director X’s birthday celebration was apparently the “place to be” last night, and we were happy to be there to wish X a Happy Birthday as well as indulge in the Halloween festivities!

    I didn’t realize his face was painted until I took the picture! lol 
    Miss “Go-to-Girl” was treating us to some good music, while rocking the Minnie mouse look! Taj was a Jedi, lightsaber and all!
    EVERYBODY was in costume. I was very impressed.
    My Inspiration. Grace Jones is the baddest b**ch!! 
    The birthday boy! Can you see “Nicki Minaj” in the back to the left?
    I think RT was under that mask lol
    Hope everybody had a FUN and safe Halloween!!
    Peace and Love


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    (NY) Halloween Parade!

    I had my first chilly Halloween in New York City! Here are my favorite costumes ^_^

    Fiver Rabbit from Watership Down Saturday

    Ooompa Loompa on Sunday

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