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    Gear Up For Your Next Adventure With Grand Trunk

    Whether it’s hanging between sets or taking a break from a grueling ride, Grand Trunk Badassadors know how to relax almost as well as they know how to stay grinding. Grand Trunk teamed up with professional bike rider, Chris Van Dine, and pioneering freesurfer, Jamie O’Brien, to create hammocks with designs inspired by their countless adventures. Designed for people who live for the trip, counting down the days and seeking products that will prep them for their next journey, Grand Trunk lets you open up to the world with the Parachute Nylon Hammock. The perfect alternative for travelers, adventurers and athletes on the go, you can hang anywhere with the lightweight, packable and durable hammock.

    Recognizing his commitment to enjoying the ride no matter where the current takes him, Grand Trunk teamed up with Who is J.O.B. creator, Jamie O’ Brien, to develop a signature hammock design. Hawaii’s North Shore and beautiful beaches make for not only satisfying surf, but an ideal spot for hanging a hammock. Determined to heighten every adventurer’s travel experience and give them a place of their own anywhere, Grand Trunk created a hammock that celebrates the ties of surfing to bigger themes, like the place a single person has on the horizon. Highlighting the utility of a single hammock, the J.O.B. design is the perfect prep for your next escapade. Don’t take our word for it – let Jamie tell you:

    “I have fun filming and traveling and making memories that will last forever,” he  says. “Being able to post up camp quickly and start a day of filming right on the beach with no impact to the ground is a necessity to filming in wild places.”

    For professional bike rider Chris Van Dine, riding is more than just a sport – it’s a way of life. Collaborating with the adventure design teams at Grand Trunk, Van Dine crafted a special edition Single Parachute Nylon Hammock. With artwork inspired by his adventures while cycling in Mexico and South America, the lightweight single hammock is a creatively compact solution for bike packing and bedding down on the trail. Van Dine’s action-packed lifestyle always keeps him on his toes, but know he brings his Grand Trunk hammock wherever he goes.

    Want to live out your next journey? Hang anywhere in gear that knows no boundaries. Discover the features of the most durable, portable and fun Parachute Nylon Hammock Prints from Grand Trunk:

    • 100% Parachute Nylon

    • Starter Rope Kit included – Thickness: 5mm; Length: 10ft

    • Nautical-Grade Carabiners

    • +15 limited edition print designs

    • 20% bigger than any other double hammock

    • Lifetime warranty

    What are you waiting for? Pack light for your next adventure, but don’t forget your gear. Live the life of your dreams with a brand you can trust when you’re on the road. Enjoy the great outdoors, fall asleep under the stars, and #HangAnywhere with the innovative designs from Grand Trunk.

    To learn more about Grand Trunk and see other available products please visit https://www.grandtrunk.com/.  

    About The Grand Trunk:

    The Grand Trunk was founded by Jon Neff & Kevin Kaiser when their individual routes crossed paths in a small surf town in Thailand. They came from two different backgrounds but shared the common love for adventure and travel, and together began spreading that excitement through a line of Good for the Road called Grand Trunk.