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    Hands-On 3rd

    A lot of people say that I’m a pretty colorful chick. I wear hot pink nail polish, neon accessories and gold banger earrings. When I was strolling along W. 3rd Street in LA I saw some REALLY colorful chicks in the window. No really, they really were chicks! POP FLOCK.

    There is also a massive one sitting there on the left.
    The chicks are by crochet artist Cheryl Cambras. These happy cute birds were part of a workshop at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art in 2008. Cheryl is the artist in residence during the month of June at Hands On 3rd.

    Hand-On 3rd is a place that provides real skills & workshops. They teach quilting, sweing, let’s get knotty, millinery (straw hats) and crochet. Every month, they have a FREE workshop called Sewing Rebellion. I am definitly going to check out the one of July 19th from 3-7pm. Check back to see what I learn to make!

    Hands-On Giving is another free program they have to express gratitude to Iraq War Vets. They will supply materials to create an artists trading card and they art will be given to the men and women who bravely served America. What a great idea!

    For more info http://www.hands-on3rd.com/

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