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    Don’t Try To Sanitize Your Phones, Computers and Tablets, ‘Hansitize’ Them!

    You might not realize it, but at a time when our health is so important, you can be your own personal hero by eliminating germs and bacteria on your tech. The heat from these devices and constant touching is a germ breeding ground that can harbor life for up to a week when not properly cleaned.

    HÄNS is your new superpower when it comes to keeping tech clean. Smartphones, tablets, cases, fitness trackers, computers all make sense to clean, just like washing your hands or clothes.

    Specifically developed to clean today’s tech, HÄNS products harness more cleaning power than a wipe without the waste. It’s a win for the environment and your wallet all at the same time.

    A new normal requires a new clean; one that’s deeper and more precise to cut through the grime that collects on our tech. The new HÄNS Ultra-Clean is your cleaning hero to the rescue—complete with an antibacterial cape.  The underlying solution that was built from the ground up to clean tech devices.

    • A super cleaning solution: It has roughly 2.5 times the active ingredients as the leading disinfecting wipe.*
    • The antibacterial cape that’s a worthy sidekick: Just don’t call it a cloth!  The material transfers solution wetness onto tech surfaces without soaking it up. Wash it, reuse it and create less waste!

    HÄNS Swipe – More Cleaning In A Uniquely HÄNS Way

    Cleaning touchscreens since 2013, HÄNS Swipe – Clean is a dual-sided cleaning unit that’s fully refillable, reusable and leak proof.

    • The antimicrobial cleaning side dispenses a controlled amount of HÄNS Cleaning Solution onto a device’s surface for a microscopic clean.

    • The second side houses an antibacterial polishing sheet that cleans on a visual level.

    For travel, in purses, briefcases, in the car for on-the-go cleanings, before meetings or after a long day when your tech needs some TLC.

    HÄNS Ultra-Clean

    HÄNS Ultra – Clean contains over 2.5 times the amount of active ingredients as the leading sanitizing/disinfecting wipe* and best of all, it comes with a cape!

    Why HÄNS Ultra – Clean? 

    • HÄNS Cleaning Solution has over 2.5 times the amount of active ingredients as the leading disinfecting/sanitizing wipe* without the waste
    • Proven formula – HÄNS’ formula debuted in the original, award-winning HÄNS Swipe – Clean in 2013
    • Developed over the course of 2 years from the ground up to specifically clean today’s tech

    Why this style of Cape (cloth)? 

    • A wetted surface is the key to a microscopic clean
    • The cape’s material is able to transfer the wetness of the solution onto the surface it is cleaning and not soak up the majority of the solution itself; reminiscent of a cleaning wipe’s wetness transfer
    • Antibacterial treated
    • Wash the cape for continued just-like-new-use

    Cleaning since 2013, the brand is running at max capacity to meet demand! The majority of products are made in the USA and shipped from HÄNS headquarters in Los Angeles.

    Find HÄNS on Amazon, The Grommet and smaller retailers! Want to do some good and give back with your purchase? Buy from https://hans-swipe.com and HÄNS will donate 10% of all sales to the Salvation Army until the pandemic is declared over. For more information, visit https://hans-swipe.com/

    About HÄNS: Founded by Scott Bushaw, HÄNS creates innovative ways to clean tech and stay safe with one mission: make your tech literally as clean as new without the waste of single-use wipes.

    *Despite having roughly 2.5 times the amount of pre-approved active ingredients needed to be classified as a disinfectant or sanitizer, this is not a claim that HÄNS Ultra – Clean is a disinfecting/ sanitizing agent. This is highly regulated by the EPA and with the claims process taking over 2 years and a roughly $2 million dollar cost in fees and taxes, the timing to make claims is not easily projectable.