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    Perfect Birthday with A Lot of Happiness

    Birthday in winter is not bad at all. I had a lot of fun in Birthday party last night. See what makes me feel so happy and feel bright shining the whole day.

    In the morning, got up with a comfortable T-shirt with your favorite place onside – Happiest in Las Vegas Tee.  

    Happiest Tee- a brand new luxury loungewear collection that lets you celebrate your favorite place. These American-made tees help you celebrate your hometown, a memento from a fabulous vacation or a gift for that friend with a passion for travel!

    The T shirt is super comfortable and high quality. It is perfect to be a gift for your friends and yourself!

    HAPPIEST IN LAS VEGAS” designs for any holiday or fashion features.
    Next step, take care of my skin and hair with Rain Lillie Castor OilRain Lillie is 100% Organic Castor Oil. Cold-pressed and hexane-free, the oil is naturally high in Vitamin E, essential fatty acids, protein, and minerals. Castor oil is quickly becoming the darling of the beauty world due to its high ricinoleic, or Omega 9, acid content, which anecdotal evidence has shown to increase circulation to the scalp and stimulate hair growth when regularly applied topically.
    Rain Lillie, a team of young and health conscious entrepreneurs, launched 100% Organic Castor Oil last summer after spending a year studying the most effective organic ingredients for hair and skin. Their research led them to castor oil, famous all over the world for its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties and use as a home remedy. Until recently, however, no one was massaging castor oil into their scalps, eyebrows, or eyelashes. And in fact, not all castor oil is completely effective in stimulating hair regrowth: Some brands contain preservatives and filler ingredients that can actually be harmful to skin and hair.
    Dress with a smart bag, smart accessories for the smart bday woman. Get your accessories in sync with your lifestyle just in time for holiday travel with Mezzi—the first luxury handbag brand to accommodate her most important tech. Each one of their contemporary handbags is designed to extend the functionality of your smartphone while exuding chic sophistication. They feature a wealth of features, from a phone charger and Bluetooth speaker to in-bag light and even call notifications.
    • Mini Cosima – This classic handbag fits all the essentials for a quick weekend escape or night out on the town. Made with Suede and Adria leather in five distinctive colors, it’s both supple and durable with an enviable finish.
    • Carezza Envelope Clutch – Designed with the red carpet in mind, this posh little number does it all without compromising its sleek physique.
    • Nerina Travel Tote – Who said business casual has to be boring? This versatile tote gets the job done from the office to the boardwalk, all while exuding strength and style. Use it to carry up to a 15” laptop, file folders, shoes, clothing, and your other essentials.

    From office Christmas parties to weekends at the in-laws’ house, with Mezzi, you can flaunt your fashionable side while staying connected. Each bag is designed to comfortably hold your makeup essentials, wallet, keys and phone.

    January is National Personal Self Defense Awareness Month. The most important thing I make a Birthday wish about is to be safe. So I got some products from SABRE. SABRE is a Chicago based personal safety company, it is urging people to take the necessary safety precautions when running/walking outdoors or on campus. SABRE, recognized as the worldwide leader in pepper spray and gel products, caries various personal safety products to help deter danger while running outdoors.

    Here are some products I am considering to get!

    SABRE’s latest product, the Runner Personal Alarm with Adjustable Wrist Strap, helps athletes deter danger and call for attention in emergencies. The 130 dB alarm is audible up to 1,000 feet (300M) away and sounds continuously when the user pulls the metal ring to activate. The SABRE Runner Alarm calls attention from every direction in case of danger or injury. Once help arrives, the user can insert the pin to stop the reusable alarm from sounding. The adjustable, weatherproof wrist strap features a reflective logo for enhanced visibility. Batteries are included, and the device features a low battery test button.

    Retails for: $19.99

    SABRE Runner Pepper Gel with Adjustable Hand Strap  fits in the palm of consumers’ hands for police-strength protection on the go. This runner favorite offers greater protection at a safe distance, boasting 35 bursts with an increased range of up to 12 feet. Pepper gel virtually eliminates airborne particles and wind blow-back, only affecting the target/person it directly contacts. These benefits make pepper gel ideal for outdoor use, with reduced chances of wind causing the spray to affect innocent parties, including the user. Gel also offers protection at an even safer distance its increased range: Gel reaches 20% farther than pepper spray.

    Retails for $12.99

    SABRE Personal Alarms–This this sleek, compact and modern keychain attaches to backpack, purse or keys for convenient, instant access. Users simply pull the metal chain from device to sound the 110dB alarm. Reusable and safe for children, the Personal Safety Alarm offers an easy an effective way for people of all ages to call for help and deter danger.

    Retails for $9.99 (for some designs proceeds will go towards charities). 

    At night, light up the party with BlissLights!Brighten up events with the tantalizing and hypnotic BlissLights! BlissLights simply plug into an outlet and instantly display hundreds of bright, jubilant colors that will take a party to a whole new level. Great for indoor and outdoor ambience year round too!

    Roll out the red carpet and create your own “award-winning” lighting extravaganza with BlissLights! Many party moments are just around the corner, ready to be lightened and brightened with some scintillating BlissLights.

    Host a Golden Globe, Oscars or Superbowl party, and make your friends feel like glamorous movie stars and hot sports afficiandos surrounded by glistening, bright colors and artsy designs with these ​gorgeous, high-quality lights. Add beauty, elegance and class to any space indoor and out, and keep that magically moment going every evening with fun nightlight designs, moodlighting and more.

    BlissLights use high-tech laser lighting to cast thousands of moving light points to display an appealing visual show. Not only are they the best quality in terms of technology, but also the best in terms of safety too! Just choose a location, plug BlissLights in​, and point to the desired area — ta-da, you have a magnum opus that will elevate the festive mood. BlissLights have many marvelous features to create a party environment and brighten your home and garden all year long:

    •  High-tech laser lighting cast​s thousands of moving light points
    • ​Cover over ​2,500-square foot
    • Use remote controls and built-in timers
    • Intensity of lights never diminish
    • Plug-in to any standard outlet

    ​BlissLights are a high quality and​ affordable way to create a professional lighting experience. Let BlissLights brighten your events and your home every day of the year!

    Prices range from $79 – $149 and include a 1-year warranty. To learn more go to www.blisslight.com.

    Laser-lighting leaders, BlissLights Inc. is an artistic lighting company founded in 2006 after inventing, engineering, and patenting a unique multiphase diffractive holographic optics and light projection technology. The company focuses on manufacturing unique lighting experiences that are affordable for every home and garden. Driving INNOVATION THROUGH IMAGINATION, BlissLights is setting a new standard in the light industry by bringing a little more “bliss” into each home.

    For more information, check out: www.blisslights.com