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    (NY) CEW The Art of Fragrance

    Went to the Harmonie Club last night to hear about the Art of Fragrance. I was so excited to hear the fragrance trends, innovation and the ‘Nose’ speak about their 20 years of experience in the perfume world.   Calise Becker and Trudi Loren collaborated on 10 fragrances and are great friends who are both CEW members.  Shape Magazine did a poll with their readers and found out that 46% wear 1 favorite signature scent and 54% wear a diverse portfolio of perfumes.

     I am part of the 54% obviously.

    You are never fully dressed until you put on perfume
    Calise: My father is an engineer and my mom is an artist. I was told because I am a woman, not from Grasse and not a daughter of a customer, I could never work in fragrance or go to perfume school. I told the CEO of that company, I am going to be a perfumer with or without you defiantly… and ended up getting hired!  What this industry needs is a perfume with guts.
    Trudi: I come from a biochem and pharma research background. I applied for a job as an analytical chemist, had to do a smell test during my interview… and got to work with fragrance developers, marketing and currently Hermes, Clinique and Bobbi Brown
    Calise: My earliest fragrance memory is when I was 4 years old and my mom spritz me with a fashion cologne with flowers on the bottle… I spent the next 20 years figuring out how those flowers got into that bottle!
    Trudi: I remember my father wearing Pierre Cardin everyday and my mother’s Chanel no.5
    • The most important thing that makes a star fragrance is Memorability (example is Angel by Thierry Mugler)
    • A perfume is created when the imagery of an idea is translated to what it smells like
    • Calise compares perfumery with the art of cooking
    • Trudi says, the economy has caused the consumer to want more: so there is a return to artisan, nice which is the root of the art of perfumery
    • The perfect fragrance comes about like a perfect storm
    • Beauty bloggers and doing a big part in helping education the consumers (yay)
    • there is a huge trend for sustainability platforms and starting with raw materials and building the story around it
    • the industry has become ‘top note’ focused (aka superficial) and need to take the time to appreciate a perfume worn throughout the day and return to the classic structures

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