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    :Random Thought

    I just watched The Social Network… I know, it’s been out FOREVER! Never mind the fact that i’m watching it bootleg via Playstation 3. I’ve been too busy working on making my millions then to watch another man prove how he made his billions.
    Biggest contributor to his success is… the fact that he knew he could be successful.

    Thoughts?! What did this make me think? How did it make me feel?!

    First thought is that sometimes there’s nothing wrong with not being as “smart/cool” as ‘them guys’.
    Alot of disfunctionality in all of the intelligence = making me nervous.
    Just because you go to the best school/have the best job doesn’t make you the best person.
    Respect your team, you can only go so far on your own.
    Stay true to your passion. If you have something going… and you know it can go… get it there.


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