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    Havergal Career Circuit

    I graduated from Havergal College in 2001 and have been actively involved with many of the alumuni events. Seeing that I am not able to financially donate to the school’s developments, I make extra efforts to give my time and experience to enrich those who are up and coming.  

    Me with Gr 10’s & Gr 11’s

    Going back to the school made me realize how far I have come in the last 8 years; and also how much have remained the same.  Havergal’s motto is “Preparing young women to make a difference”. I think they did a good job with me at least!  If you want more information about the top girl’s school in Toronto check out www.havergal.on.ca.

    Terry Sawh, president of Top Notch Employment Services (Havergal parent)

    I was invited to be a part of the inaugural Havergal Career Circuit today. It is similiar to a ‘speed-dating’ format but for Old Girls (graduates), parents and other industry leaders to provide mentorship for Gr 10’s & 11’s about univeristy, careers, life and such.  Some of the questions we were asked to prepare to answer were:

    Describe your current career.
    Are there any required qualifications/degrees/certificates/training for this job?
    What was your journey to get there?
    What are some pros and cons to the job?
    What are some related careers?
    Do you have advice for someone wanting to explore this choice?

    We each had 15 mins to talk to 4-5 girls, then they rotated to the next table.  My advice for the girls was to be truly passionate about your craft, volunteer as much as you can and make use of summers and exchange programs to travel and expand your horizons.  Life does not end at University and 16 years out of 100 is really just 16% of your life lived.  There is still so much coming! The girls were excited when I told them I threw the Sex and the City party, Shopaholic cocktail and a party for Toronto Fashion Week.  I mean I am not a doctor or a fancy millionaire (yet!) but I am doing something I truly love and that in itself is quite inspiring.  It reminds me of what I wrote in my grad yearbook.  “…I won’t leave a legacy and I won’t leave with a prize. I will live my fantasy, and I won’t tell you lies”

    Yours truly

    The host of this event was Toronto millionaire Robert Herjavec – the host of CBC’s Dragon’s Den and a Havergal parent.  It might be difficult for some of you to imagine this: 10 years ago, a struggling entrepreneur who waited tables concocting his masterplan TODAY purchasing the most expensive house ever sold in Canada in Bridle Path. Herjavec’s success was in creating the first ‘firewall’ and selling it for over $100 million. Then having Dragon’s Den picked up by ABC prime time and hosting a Hugo Boss fashion show fundraiser – in his backyard (50,000 sq ft house). WOW.

    Robert Herjavec (Millionaire + Havergal parent)

    Herjavec told us briefly about  jetting to Miami for a weekend and living the good life – all in an incredibly humble way. He immigrated to Canada from Croatia as a child and had humble beginnings and talks about how much things can change in 10 years. He was inspiring and affirmed with many of us already knew – success comes from hard work and the world is won by those who are adaptable to change.  It always feels amazing to be in the company of those who inspire and have truly achieved success.  The funny thing is, he was not flashy or emblazoned with brand names. He was just a father speaking at his daughter’s school about the path that lies before them. 

    How cool is that?

    Jennifer Lui (’03) and Yvonne Kai (’01)