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    Missing the twist…

    I’ve had my braids in for over 6 weeks, and I’ve already decided what I’m going to do next. Can’t lie, I’m pretty excited, I love playing with my hair and I’ve been getting a little bored. Because I’m in a kitchen majority of the week, I always keep my hair in a bun… long story short, I missed being able to twist my hair so I started experimenting.

    I kinda dig it. So far I’ve twisted the front up and to the side… just seeing what works. If you have braids in your hair; try to have fun with them; experiment with different styles and remember to keep your scalp moisturized.

    Maintenance: Remember to drink lots of water, try your best to eat well, and keep the scalp healthy, clean and moisturized…oh and avoid tight hairstyles.

    So, to twist or not?

    What do you do to keep things interesting in the hair department?

    peace, love and health