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    Getting lean with @SaffroLean

    There are thousands of weight loss supplements out there with exaggerated promises of rapid weightless without making changes to your diet yada yada yada, not to mention the slew of dangerous stimulants that come with them… so when I heard about SaffroLean a few months ago, I was honestly less than excited. However, seeing as I’d been struggling with my weight for the past year, I figured I’d give it a try. I had quite a scare last year with my heart, which landed me in  and out of hospital for a few weeks. After being released from hospital, I found myself slipping into an uncontrollable downward spiral of depression, and picked up a nasty habit of comfort eating.

    I went from this (left) to that (right) in less than 6 months! The heaviest I have ever been!

    I was eating ALL THE TIME, even when I wasn’t hungry, plus I ditched being vegetarian and started eating meat like my life depended on it lol. I’m not sure why I started comfort eating, as I usually eat less when I’m stressed, but I’m guessing that because I was in the final lap of finishing my degree, and recovering from some undiagnosed condition; the stress was more than I could handle, who knows.

    A Uniquely Effective Approach to Weight Loss and Food Control. Where Great Health Begins

    I received a 90-day trial pack of SaffroLean a few months ago, and after reading all about it, I couldn’t wait to give it a try. I was even more excited upon discovering that SaffroLean is stimulant free, meaning I didn’t have to worry about any dangerous stimulants causing uneasiness and making my heart race (phew!).  Because I was having trouble with my snacking and portion control, I was pleased to see that some of the many benefits of taking SaffroLean were reduced snacking and overeating, as well as a faster metabolism!

    Clinical studies show that people that took SaffroLean lost an average of 28.4 lbs in 90 days. I’ve been taking SaffroLean for two months (60 days) and although I don’t see any drastic weight loss, others have mentioned that they have noticed changes in my weight. My mother also says that my face has slimmed down, and that overall, I’m much slimmer than I was at my graduation in June. So that’s a good sign. I can say however, that I snack WAY less, and I definitely eat a lot less, in fact; I find I only eat at meal times (which is great because before I was eating every hour on the hour… yeah), and I really didn’t even make any effort to change my diet. All I have to do is take one capsule of SaffroLean 30 minutes before breakfast and lunch and just go about my day. Stress free! I also noticed that I was happier, and had a more positive attitude towards how I approached eating and losing weight. It’s easy to let weight gain get you down, and maintaining a positive attitude can be difficult, even when you know you’re trying your best, so it was definitely a bonus that SaffroLean helps with improving a person’s mood and sense of well-being. Can we say WINNER?!

    The picture on the left is when I started taking SaffroLean in September, and the picture on the right is my second month using SaffroLean. The very first picture is me a few days ago 🙂

    So what’s in it? Simply put; appetite-curbing  Satiereal Saffron, fat oxidizing Green Tea Extract, plus 5 other important Vitamins (Vitamins D3 B1, B2, B6, and B12),  and NONE of the dangerous stimulants.

    The key player?

    Satiereal Saffron: is a natural extract from the same plant as the spice saffron. For centuries in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, saffron has been used as an aid to improve mood and relieve stress. Europeans discovered that along with these benefits, it can be used to aid in successfully losing weight and keep it off

    I’ve only been taking SaffroLean for two months, and I’m loving the results so far, so I can’t wait to see the results after I finish the next 30-days. I’d like to say a HUGE THANK YOU to Pamela Mirante and the entire SaffroLean team for giving me the opportunity to try SaffroLean, I’ve really enjoyed taking it, and once I’m done my 90-day trial, I plan on getting more SaffroLean!!

    stay healthy 🙂


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