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    My Favorite From The New York Coffee Festival 2017

    This year the New York Coffee Festival had over 100 innovators on-site showcasing the best in roasting, brewing, home technology, specialty drinks, and so much more! In addition, nearly 11,700 people attended the event through out the weekend, with 100% of profits being donated directly to Project Waterfall to benefit charity: water.

    Here I want to introduce some of my favorite coffees!
    Caskai’s Sparkling Cascara Infusion

    The beverage’s ingredients are simple and naturally – derived: sun-dried, premium Cascara that is freshly brewed in spring water from the Austrian Alps, a touch of organic cane sugar, a shot of carbonation and citric acid.

    Caskai’s Sparkling Cascara Infusion is packaged in a 275mL premium glass bottle that is best enjoyed cold. Caskai’s Sparkling Cascara Infusion will soon be available in Davidson and Mooresville, North Carolina through Summit Coffee and Sky Mountain Coffee, as well as online through Amazon.

    The founder of Upruit started the company just over a year ago. The idea came to him while on his ski trips out west. He wanted to make coffee refreshing so that he can bring it with him on the backcountry hikes and trails. So He started mixing cold brew coffee with fresh lemonade. It did the trick! Turns out coffee and fruit juice go well together. He has since developed the recipe and introduced new flavors like Mint Grapefruit and Ginger Hibiscus. He makes small batches of the brew from scratch using real ingredients. They cold press lemons and ginger, steep mint and hibiscus and mix this with a delicious cold brew coffee. The coffee is either organic from Peru or Ethiopia depending on the flavor.
    Upruit is currently sold in over 60 accounts including health food stores and gyms. The customers really enjoy the refreshing take on coffee and use it as a pick me up or for a boost at the gym. The real ingredients make a real difference!

    Heartbreaker is Grumpy’s signature house espresso blend and also tastes great as brewed coffee.

    Current components:
    Gran Galope, Cauca, Colombia
    Kochere, Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia

    12oz of whole beans. Cafe Grumpy‘s premium coffee beans are roasted daily at Greenpoint, Brooklyn roastery. They ship only whole bean coffee and do not grind the beans prior to shipping.  Coffee is packaged in sealed valve bags. They roast to order!