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    Haircare Pairings: Must-Have Brushes & Styling Treatments

    It’s easy to overlook the importance of investing in a quality hairbrush or products to match, much less on which are best for our hair type. But rather than rip your hair out (literally and figuratively), here’s a look at a few perfect pairings from Marilyn Brush and ProRituals.

    Marilyn Brush uses only the finest materials including true ceramic barrels and natural boar bristles, plus they launched the first hourglass design on the market. ProRituals is an eco-friendly haircare line with paraben and sulfate-free formulas, offering amazing styling options for every hair type.

    For Volume

    Pair the Tuxedo Pro with the Lift Volumizer. The brush is designed to create volume through a combination of short and long bristles that lift even the finest of hair, while the spray adds volume, fullness, texture and shine.

    For Fine Hair
    Pair The New Yorker’s premium natural boar bristles and nylon quills that help stimulate scalp and distributes natural oils with Matte Texture Paste. The brush’s soft, durable pneumatic pad eliminates static and gives hair “finished” look, while the paste texturizes and thickens thin, fine hair.

    For Detangling
    Pair the Flatter Me Paddle with Dream Cream. This is the perfect brush for detangling and smoothing wet or dry hair, as the tortoise shell base with cushioned pad and massaging ball tips has a comfortable rubberized grip. The Dream Cream is a leave in styling conditioner that grooms hair with a soft, touchable hold.

    For Heat Tolerance

    Pair The Hot Flash with Heat Styling Protection. The brush has anti-static nylon bristles with a 460 degree heat tolerance and a ceramic coated aluminum barrel that allows for dryer heat transfer to the hair. Thermal and UV added protection from heat styling tools in the spray reduces cuticle damage, leaving hair soft and silky. This heat-fighting team is a no joke combo!

    For A Teased Style

    Pair The Teasing Brush, which has reinforced natural boar bristles along with an elevated center row of bristles for increased control, with Volume and Texture Foam. The brush has an extra-long grip for sectioning hair and added comfort, while the foam builds lift, body, and texture into the hair. Infused with repairing proteins and rich botanicals, this combo will give your hair a “day at the beach” look that’s perfect for the upcoming spring and summer seasons.

    For Smoothing and Straightening

    Pair The Double S Pro, designed to smooth and straighten medium to thick hair, with the Smooth Straightening Balm. Boar Bristles set on a perpendicular draw hair from all angles, while Silk Amino Acids in the balm seal hair’s cuticles creating silky, smooth, shiny hair without grease.