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    Training my feet…For My 21st with Aldo @shoesCherie

    Okay so I turn the big twenty-one in about six months. I know that is months from now, but I have officially taken the proper steps of trying to turn myself into a lady. The first step was to try on makeup but I put that aside to conquer my biggest feat yet…high heels.

    Over the years I have tried and failed to master the complexity of walking on stilts. High heels and I are like Marvel vs DC. So I’ve always stuck to flats. A week ago I went to ALDO to put aside my cold feet and stuff them into some cute,versatile foot wear meant for the beginner but focused on the woman!

    Here’s my find:

    About a 3-4 inch heel. Style: MUTHER in Midnight black. ALDO only had a rich brown and black, for my first heel I wanted something that could go with every outfit. So black it is. These heel/boots are so freaking comfortable, which was also a fear of mine. Shoe shopping can be very painful to look beautiful. I am not ready to give up comfort for being pretty for a few hours. Baby steps people…baby steps.

    Now I wanted to get a wedge because I figured it would be good practice but the wedges in the store had me scared that I would break an ankle!

    So I found these beauties which ran me close to one hundred dollars. I was told you can’t be cheap on your first pair, or you’ll mess up your feet. Now in the up coming months I will be seeking more of this woman training. I am talking make up, dresses, workouts, heels, hair. I am trying to get ready for my big 2…1 people!!

    So if you are a stylista out there with any tips and tricks on the ways of the woman that can transform me from a cluts to a lady, I am ready for the wisdom.

    So what do you vote these shoes, yes or no? Winning or losing? I look forward to your responses ladies and gents!