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    @JimmyJohns Number 10?


    Sup Cole World! :0)

    So i want share a little with you about and expirience i recently had at Jimmy John’s. Now if your not familiar with Jimmy John’s or you live in a part of the world that does not have one, yea you guessed it YOUR MISSING OUT!! lol. First let me tell you why im a fan, because they use Hellman’s Mayonaisse which is by FAR the beest Maynoaisse on this planet! :0).

    Ok so i’m hungry.com today and i’m like “You know what!, i would love some Jimmy John’s today” Usually when i go, i stick to the usual ‘Turkey Tom’ or the ‘Italian Club’ sandwich. Today i was going off the advice of a friend of mines who recommended the Number 10 (Roast Beef  and Provolone Cheese) with Avocado on it. I’m all excited to get this  particular sub, then when i get it im like “Ummm where is my Ah-HA! moment :0)”

    I honestly should have stuck wit my favorite Jimmy John sandwich which is the Turkey Tom :0). Whats your favorite sub from www.jimmyjohns.com ?


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    Eat Mayo, Get Mula

    As Hellmann’s® is committed to making it easier for Canadians and their families to enjoy the pleasure of real food; they are providing $100,000 in Real Food Grants to support initiatives that bring Canadian families and kids together with real food in their community. 

    So who can apply? ♥ School-based groups
    ♥ Community groups
    ♥ Families
    To be eligible, an initiative must either provide education to Canadian families and kids about real food, or connect Canadian families and kids with real food through an experience or event.
    Grant ideas 
    ♥ Starting a community based garden or greenhouse
    ♥ Organizing a community real food festival or event
    ♥ Starting an in-school real food lunch program
    Get your application form in by June 30, 2010!
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    Join The Real Food Movement!

    Is real food high on your priority list? Then join Hellman’s Real Food Movement!
    A recent Real Food Survey by Hellmann’s; revealed that while more than 9 out of 10 Canadians (92%) say they prefer products made with real, natural ingredients, Canadians with kids under 18 in the household are less likely to incorporate this view into their daily lives. OH-EM-GEEEE

    Chuck’s bout it!
    So in order to help us eat healthier, Hellmann’s 1/2 the Fat will now be made with 100% Canadian free run eggs, and they are phasing out ingredients like Xantham Gum, Phosphoric Acid and Beta Carotene, in favour of ingredients derived from natural sources whenever possible. 
    grilled cheese with a spicy mayo Chuck’s way!
    I LOVE Mayo and I love to put it on everything J So I’m happy that they’re making it with half the fat!

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