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    Book Review: Treatment Alternative for Children

    This is a guest post from Edmonton, Canada from my mom and nephew!

    ‘Treatment Alternative for Children’ written by Lawrence Rosen caught my eye when my grandson was 17 months old. He had a cold lasted for more than 3 weeks at that time. The medical clinic advised us to let him recover with his own immune system and no need to visit the clinic. Seeing the little sweetie suffered from runny nose, phloem and no appetite makes my helpless heart ache. I immediately leaf the pages and found out a lot of valuable information. Some of ‘Guidance to Parents’ is not even known for me, as a grandma. I immediately folded the corners of the concern pages to study in detail.

    Being Asian, our culture actually rejects the western medicine which was regarded as chemicals. Most of the time, we visit our own herbal medicine doctor even if the expenses are not covered by government or insurance companies. Surely using herbs to heal takes longer time and yet it is natural. Chemical stuff has quick effect yet we don’t believe it is good for long run health.

    However, the drawback of Chinese herbal medicine is that most of the time, we have to cook the exact proportion of herbs. It is time consuming especially in this no-kitchen era. Besides, most of the medicine contains unbearable bitter taste which for sure refused by all the kids.

    Alternatives treatment mentioned in this book gave us another natural and healthy channel to recover from illness or discomfort. This is especially true for the kids they don’t even know how to express themselves yet.

    The illustration about the dry and wet coughing is similar as what Asian regarding to the yin-yang condition of our bodies. Dehydration can be cured by coconut water rather than lots of artificial glucoses medication. Anger and tantrums’ curing way is sending kids to play more out door. Baking soda can be used for insect bites. If I know this earlier, I will save a lot of money to purchase the expensive creams for mosquito bites. Water should be used for curing fever. All these useful natural medical information bring us nearer to the Garden of Eden. We are blessed and thankful.

    There are also lots of information for special needs, such as autistic kids, head lice, kidney stone etc. I especially like the Top Ten Treatment Lists and the Alphabetical table at the back of the book. I strongly recommend have this good and helpful reference book on the shelf for the kids until, maybe, teenager!

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