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    MORE Design LOVE

    LLadro pieces by Jaime Hayon
    So seeing as I have a freshly fractured toe; I can’t really move around (doctor’s orders and it HURTS), so we’ll be getting nice and close over the next couple days ☺
    I just realized I never shared the rest of my IDS 10 experience with you guys, so here’s what you missed!

    I was drooling, it was just so pretty!
    The Ladies Room
    The Men’s Room
    so comfy!
    boys get all the cool stuff, and we get all the pretty stuff!
    Rockin this Gucci on Ma Ducati!
    I’ll take them all for my condo please!
    Sneak peek into the BISHA Hotel & Residences, The new hotel come condo will be built on Blue Jays Way incorporating the former Diesel Playhouse Theatre.
    The Whale Tail Piece blew me away!
    I WANT IT!
    Blinging fireplaces!
    Told y’all I’d get in!
    More Goodness here!