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    @AlepelByAdriana Takes Us To Shoe Heaven!

    You can make a stylish statement any way you want — by your hairstyles, clothes or accessories. I choose to make a statement with the shoes I wear. Because I’m addicted to cute shoes. Shoes that have been well-designed, with quirky little “enhancements” that only shoe lovers notice. And there’s a great new shoe line on the block I’m waiting to take a peak at: ALEPEL.

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    Adriana Epelboim Levy is the creator behind this fab label, calling herself a self-confessed fashion addict, architect, world traveler, and of course, shoe designer.

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    But before any of us see this brand new collection of shoes, ALEPEL is keeping us in suspense with a 15-day countdown to the big reveal of the website. Until then (Nov 30th), you can sign up to the site at ALEPEL.com and one lucky winner will score a fantastic discount on their fave pair of shoes.


    What am I loving so far about this brand? It’s fresh approach to fashion. Daring to be wild. Keeping artistic integrity in every design.

    Take a look at what you can expect to be unveiled in the next coming weeks:


    That’s just getting started. I’m loving the look of these wedges and heels:

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