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    I love H.I..M

    H.I.M is an acronym for highly interesting men for the purposes of this post 🙂  New York is full of ‘interesting’ people and it’s really funny how once you like one thing about them, there is a trickle down effect and you just keep liking them. I walked down the street today and say a sign that says Betray the Usual. My sentiment exactly. Introducing the first of the series! If my theories about life is correct, what you want, wants you too! I will never admit that I have a type but… I love H.I.M! 

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    Who: Malcolm Phipps
    Why: Brand Liaison, Consultant, Producer, Fashion Stylist/Image Director, Writer/Blogger

    What: Stay ready, so you ain’t got to get ready. -Will Smith
    Where: Brooklyn, NY
    How: F.I.T. Advertising and Marketing Communications + Fashion Merchandising Management
    FB friends in common: 13

    Do I really have to explain?

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