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    Hey! DoYou HUG?? We Doooo ♥

    Thank you ever so much to Lisa and Wendy of hugTO (Hip Urban Girl), for being such wonderful hostesses at yesterday’s rooftop pool partaaaaaaay!

    Shay and I had lots of fun, chilling, meeting new people and enjoying the sun! The weather couldn’t decide whether it wanted to be sunny or whether it wanted to rain, so it kinda did both. It was super sunny, with light summer showers, kinda sexy if you ask me…but that’s just me lol

    There were prize giveaways the entire event! As well as beer sampling by Mill Street Brewery and $5 for an Organic and Lemon Tea Ale! Did I mention cotton candy? Make-up touch ups, hand massages, jewelery, oh the list goes on!

    kaa-yuuuuute! (cute)
    Thank you to everybody that came out and supported these lovely ladies!!
    Peep the pics, video coming soon!!
    Laura Ford Designs and Borealis Shoes showcased their Jewellery + Sandal Collection at hugTO!
    You go gurrrrrrrrrrl!

    party ppl
    he gave some cotton candy! YUM!
    Gabriel!! (Nocturnal)
    Hey Simone! (Skinny Dip)
    cute bikini!


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