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    Oriental Mix

    Living here in Toronto, sometimes I get so wrapped in US Weekly, YBF and theSuperficial that I forget I am Chinese! My mom is from futuristic and affluent island Hong Kong (hello fashion capital!) and my dad is from the arts and culture hub of Shanghai (hello Vegas of China). There is no denying that the influences of Hollywood and BET shape fashion trends and define the street style here in Toronto – but there is a whole entire nation pushing fashion forward – Asia! I found some famous Japanese pop stars by a quick Google search and realize that supercute + sexy = lethal! I am lucky because I am an Asian girl – besides having pin straight hair that just grows and grows and loves being dyed, permed, styled AND being smooth as a peach without much thought – I AM PLAIN. Asian girls have very plain features, innocent looks and therefore very versatile – Our looks that can be transformed by any hair, makeup, clothing, lighting and of course attitude. I would say my style is heavily influenced by Japanese street fashion, hiphop honeys and my imagination.

    JJ Magazine is something I treat myself to once in a while – It is the fashion Bible of Japan, like Vogue on estacsy. It is about $33 and is an eternal lookbook – from outrageous to classy, to era inspired, to music inspired, to the ‘office-lady’ look to harajuku girls… If you want to know what’s gonna be popping in Summer 2011, just look at last months JJ magazine.

    I always go back to my cultural roots to maximize my style and wardrobe. What influences your style?

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    Invincible Summer Yacht Party

    Summer ain’t over til I say so!
    Tired of seeing the same people at the same parties? Shake up your party repertoire with the Invincible Summer Yacht Party – Bring your bikinis and get your sunny glow tanning on the front deck of the Yankee Lady 3. Don’t miss the summer boat party everyone’s talking about. Tickets are going fast so don’t sleep on this one…