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    Great Gift Idea: Snacking Soaps from HK Artist Ation Yeung

    Shun Kee Soap Bakery (順記肥皂餅家) design by Ation Yeung

    Shun Kee Soap Bakery design by Ation Yeung. This soap collection is designed as Hong Kong souvenir. The design concept is originated from Hong Kong style food and soap. “Soap” is a daily necessity but it usually in dull appearance and shape. Designer, Ation Yeung, who is born and raise in Hong Kong and he love HK foods very much, thus he mixed with soap and Hong Kong style food together to be a soap collection with fun, practical and environmental friendly principal. In this collection “Shun Kee Soap Bakery” shows us the most popular Hong Kong style foods, included Mini Egg tart, Pineapple Bun and Put Cha Ko etc…

    How fun! Always down to support a fellow HK artist, soaper and foodie! 

    Check out the soaps on his store here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/ShunKeeSoapBakery