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    Make Holiday Entertaining Easy and Breezy!

    The holidays are upon us! (YAY!) Certain items help make holiday entertaining a breeze – from the big items to the little details, here are our top 6 picks to make your party successful!

    Here are our top 6 picks to make your party successful!  

    The Boozy Creamery:

    Take your holiday party to the next level with The Boozy Creamery! Prep for your party with some awesome pina colada, margarita, or mojito treats! No need to only drink egg nog for hours, this easy DIY alcoholic ice cream is this season’s top pick!


    NEW BlissBulbs:

    BlissBulb uses BlissLights’ classic holographic technology of thousands of pinpoints of light, but has been redesigned to work like a regular lightbulb! Give your child the best night light or brighten your holiday party with fun and easy accent lighting from BlissLights!


    The Good Manger:

    The Giving Manger is a new family tradition teaching children the importance of spreading kindness by performing acts of service for others.The tradition begins with a story that teaches children all about the tradition and the joy that comes with helping others.  Next, each time a child performs a good deed, they’ll get to add a piece of straw to a beautiful wooden manger. They work all season to fill the manger with their gifts of service, then come Christmas Day, they’ll get to nestle baby Jesus inside.

    Elum Designs:

    Remember the noteworthy moments with Elum Designs! Adding the perfect holiday card to your gift is the icing on the cake (bundt cake). Unparalleled in attention to detail and one-of-a-kind products, Elum Designs only uses original, modern artwork inspired by everything from fashion forward trends to refined simplicity. Gifts from Elum are sure to leave an impression.

    EcoVessel Vine:

    Rich smooth reds. Crisp refreshing whites. Bright flavorful rosés. Wine complements every occasion. Sometimes called a wine growler, the VINE holds a full 750 ml wine bottle and is the perfect travel companion for a beach party to a dinner party, freeing you from carrying a breakable glass bottle or pouring wine from a cardboard box. EcoVessel’s signature TriMax® Triple insulation Technology keeps your wine at just the right temperature for hours, ensuring your first sip will be as satisfying as your last. Enjoy your drink the way it was intended – any wine, any time, any where.


    Comfort Design Mats:

    Give your room a little pop of color and a lot of comfort with Comfort Design Mats. Not only are theses chic foam mats eye catching, they’re a breeze to clean up. Spilled wine, no prob! Comfort Design Mats are made for children, designed for parents. These eye-catching foam floor mats bring style to any room. With designs inspired by expensive area rugs, Comfort Design Mats create a beautiful, inviting, cushioned area for infants, toddlers, even big kids to crawl, roll, jump and just be kids.