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    Amazing Home Made Meatball Toast With Mighty Spark

    I never know I can make this kind of amazing meatball egg toast at home, until I found Mighty Spark – the best quality and freshest meat I’ve ever tried. Even it is not hard to find a restaurant with meatballs in New York, but you don’t really know how’s the taste and how’s the quality of the meat. Also home-made process carries a lot of fun to you and your partner. So why not?

    The process is super simple: Whole wheat sour dough, Mighty Spark BACON-BURSTING PREMIUM GROUND TURKEY BLEND, The Meatball Shop’s Tomato Sauce, Eggs, Cilantro, Dills and that’s all!

    It looks amazing, isn’t it!

    Why does Mighty Spark stand out from the sea of sameness in the meat aisle? Yes, it’s true, Mighty Spark’s products are hand-crafted and made in small-batches so we can tweak the taste to perfection, but there’s more. The flavor profiles with premium ingredients are unlike anything else you’ll see or try in the meat aisle (Jalapeno & Queso Fresco Turkey Patties anyone!?). Mighty Spark’s team conducts quality-control taste-tests on each product run so that they’re confident you’ll be experiencing remarkable food that just so happens to have a remarkable cause.BACON-BURSTING PREMIUM GROUND TURKEY BLEND


    You’ll squeal with delight when you gobble up Mighty Spark’s Bacon-Bursting Ground Turkey. It’s a perfect blend of premium turkey breast with just a touch of hickory smoked bacon to open the flavor up. Use in place of ground beef to add a healthier lean to your recipes. Also available as a pre-made patty.

    Other than Meatball toast, we also made a Blend Meat Lasagna with Mighty Spark’s Ground Blend with Explore Cuisine Lasagna.



    This is not just burger. A tri-blend of steak masterfully mixed with just a hint of salt and pepper to set off the natural flavor of the beef. Mighty Spark’s most popular blend will soon become your go-to protein in the kitchen. Also available as a pre-made patty.

    We will try other Mighty Spark goodies for sure, definitely I will share more recipes with you sooooon.