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    Dog x Honda Element

    New York Auto Show 2009 unveiled the new ‘dog friendly’ concept car for Honda Element.  I personally think that it’s a great step towards the new age life style.. but I don’t want to be the ‘dog lady’ – I don’t want the Element to have the same Minivan stigma from the 90’s.  Who knows? I personally see me and Jacob in drop top but that’s just me.  It’s funny because I always shy away from guys with ‘fancy’ cars because I know he probably won’t take a muddy/wet Jacob and me on a hike anytime soon.  I found this commercial that made me laugh:

    In Japan (where Honda is from) there are more dogs and cats than there are children under the age of 15. No wonder.  I travel a lot on the subway and streetcar with Jacob but I think having a car + a dog is definitely a plus. You can leave your dog in the car when you are running errands, he can sleep in the car when you are shopping and you can go to more places that are far away together.

    Man’s best friend’s best friend. Now friendlier than ever.
    Dogs agree: The Element is one of the most “pet-friendly” vehicles ever. Now we’re taking a good thing and making it even better with the new Dog Friendly™ Element concept coming fall 2009. The specially designed collection of accessories will include pet restraint systems, a folding ramp, pet bed, water bowl, electrical fan and more—all designed for the safety and comfort of your beloved canine companion and you.

    The Dog Friendly™ Element made its public debut at the 2009 New York Auto Show.

    The Dog Friendly™ Element Concept is likely to include:

    • Pet restraint systems
    • Cushioned pet bed
    • Load-in ramp
    • Dog-pattern second-row seat covers
    • All-season “dog-bone” rubber floor mats
    • Spill-resistant water bowl
    • Electrical fan
    • Tote bag
    • Dog Friendly™ exterior emblems
    • A leash, collar and dog tag ready for custom engraving

    More info here on Honda