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    Give the Gift of Self-Pampering This Valentine’s Day

    Valentine’s Day will be here in just a few short weeks, which means it’s time to start shopping for the perfect gift for that special someone. To introduce a great “Valentine’s Day Gift Idea”, I want to introduce to you the brand new launch of Honestly Margo’s Goddess Collection.

    This combination of all-natural body care essentials encompasses a multi-purpose hair and body mist, an illuminating body lotion and a creamy whipped body soap. The Goddess fragrance is fresh and alluring, combining floral and citrusy notes with musky undertones- perfect for a romantic Valentine’s Day date night.

    Goddess Illuminating Body Lotion

    Goddess Illuminating Body Lotion is not your ordinary body lotion.  It is made to give a golden shimmer glow to your skin while nourishing your body with our proprietary blend of natural fruit oils and extracts.

    Smooth generously on your exposed skin to moisturize and have a luxurious golden glow.  Wash your hands after applying lotion to your body to remove excess gold.

    Goddess Whipped Body Soap

    A fluffy whipped delight in the alluring scent of Goddess to gently wash your body. Scoop your desired amount of soap onto pouf or sponge and lather on your skin. Rinse and enjoy.

    Goddess Hair & Body Mist

    What is GODDESS? It’s a fresh alluring fragrance to captivate your senses.  Formulated with a unique citrus blend, bergamot, jasmine and other distinctive floral accents along with elements of musk, amber and oud, Goddess will bring out your inner glow. #GoddessGlow

    The Goddess collection was created for women to enjoy whether they are running errands, headed to work, or primping for Date Night. And all items are under $20 from www.honestlymargo.com.

    Honestly Margo is a bath and beauty brand that’s “Inspired by Nature & You”.  They’re a mother daughter team, representing today’s women, creating products that we personally use and love, to nurture their bodies, and elevate their feeling of amazingness. Their product lines range from bath and body to aromatherapy to beauty and even some gift items, too.

    Honestly Margo products are always cruelty free, made with natural and organic ingredients, and are all made in America. They create products that are fun to use, are wholesome for their bodies, and awaken your senses. Their approach is that beauty should be simple, fresh, and HONESTLY fun!

    Honestly Margo’s mission stands for a strong women sisterhood. Honestly Margo celebrate women’s ability to be empowered, to have confidence in themselves, to dream big, take chances, and know that anything is possible.

    This is Honestly Margo.

    Honestly Margo

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    Honestly Margo Instilling Confidence in Women of All Ages This Holiday Season

    With self-esteem beginning to plummet in the tween years for girls and then often never returning to baseline, there is no greater holiday gift than one that builds confidence in teens and that restores it in Millennials and women of all ages. Built on the platform of embracing individual uniqueness, the Honestly Margo line of bath and beauty products helps females feel good about themselves no matter their stage of life. And because all items falling under the brand’s umbrella are inspired by nature with nothing but goodness in them, gift givers can feel good about their Honestly Margo purchase as well.

    According to the April 2018 “Time” magazine article “How to Help Young Girls Keep Their Confidence During Puberty”,“Boys and girls run neck and neck, confidence-wise, up to then (the age of puberty), but when the estrogen-testosterone waves start flooding kids’ brains, all that changes. For girls, confidence takes a huge hit.” In fact, “between the ages of 8–14, girls’ confidence levels drop by 30 percent.” To make matters worse, “the effects are long lasting. For most women, once opened, this confidence gap fails to close.” That means many Millennials, Gen Yers and Gen Xers are still suffering the consequences. The solution according to the article’s authors? “Risk more, think less, be yourself.”

    Margo, the inspiration and titular founder behind Honestly Margo, personifies all these confidence-boosting actions. In 2013, when she was just 12 years old, Margo took a risk. Thinking less about what the world might think of her and instead focusing her full attention on her passion for beauty (i.e., being herself), she came up with an all-natural lip balm with only four ingredients. And thus, Honestly Margo was born.

    Since then, the company has expanded into a full-spectrum bath and body brand, yet the focus has remained the same since day one. The company always uses the finest, safest ingredients in each and every one of its products. The Unicorn line from Honestly Margo was designed with younger girls, tweens and teens in mind. Playful and colorful, it includes bath dust, body lotion and hand/body scrub. The body lotions also come in more mature, woman-friendly scents. Each one is labeled with its own female name to highlight its individuality. Joining the body lotion in matching scents is a line of bubble fizz bath powders. When sprinkled into the tub, they fizz, bubble and shimmer.

    The brand is about pure goodness with good for you ingredients, like the recently launched Roller Girl Roll-On Lipgloss collection of crystal clear lip glosses with natural flavors including: DESTINY Bubblegum, AMBER Strawberry, ALEXIS Watermelon, JAZMIN Grape, CHERRY Cherry, and CRYSTAL Vanilla. MSRP $12.00 for 4 oz.

    Honestly Margo stands for a strong women sisterhood,” explains Margo’s mom and brand co-developer, Irene. “We believe that the most effective way to instill female confidence is for women to build other women up. Honestly Margo is all about celebrating women’s ability to be empowered, to have confidence in themselves, to dream big, to take chances and to know that anything is possible.” No price tag can be placed on a holiday gift that encourages so much of today’s and tomorrow’s women.

    Holiday gift givers who want to instill greater self-esteem in the women on their shopping list can learn more about the Honestly Margo female empowerment philosophy and discover all the bath and body products in the line at https://honestlymargo.com.

    About Honestly Margo

    Honestly Margo is a bath and beauty brand with the tagline “Inspired by Nature & You” underpinning its core beliefs and principles. Helmed by a mother-daughter team, the brand began from a young girl’s dream to create a business based upon inspiration, belief and persistence. Honestly Margo represents today’s women, creating products that are not only fun and fresh but also unique and relevant to what teens, tweens, Millennials and women are seeking. Pure goodness with good-for-you ingredients and products that feel amazing when used are the hallmarks behind Honestly Margo. For more information, please visit https://honestlymargo.com.