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    Sleepy Face with @kikkopilo

    Ever traveled with your toddler and wished there was something comfy to sleep on?  When I was young, my mom would push together 2 chairs at Chinese restaurants and we would have to sleep while the parents chatted and ate dim sum into the late night (8pm was late for a 3 yr old!).  But alas comes an invention that both kids and parents would love and use everyday!

    Check out the Kikko Pilo!  It is made of memory foam, can you used anywhere and is transportable, chic and totally useful.  I totally wished that I had this when I was a kid.  So this would make a perfect present for new moms, baby sitters, grandparents and anyone who travels a lot.

    Kikkopilo is used for traveling on long fligths and train rides, lightweight, portable,hygienic as it’s easily washed, water proof so no worries about water spills or accidents, removing the cotton it would be used as a changing pad, secondary use is to roll behind lower back or neck and finally it makes a great baby shower gift 🙂

    Selling on Website: www.kikkopilo.com
    Twitter: @kikkopilo
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    Winners will be announced on April 6. Good luck!