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    Enjoy fresh air and sunshine while using IceCream Sunscreen products

    Warm days are approaching here and it’s time to enjoy some fun in the sun and relax! What’s your plans for the coming Summer? Keep protected from the rays and stay cool doing it! IceCream Sunscreen is your everyday sun protectant for people of all ages. Stay cool and protected!

    Think outdoors, traveling, spring break, beach and more – to maintain healthy skin!

    IceCream sunscreen formula created is reef-friendly, water-resistant, animal cruelty free, sulfate free, parabens free and made for all ages and it’s American made! The authentic, unique brand simplifies the essence of “Stay Cool and Protected”. Melissa has created both Lip Balm and IceCream Sunscreen.

    Melissa Kriebel, Entrepreneur and founder of IceCream Sunscreen (www.icecreamsunscreen.com) that are in various locations in addition to DTC…created a fun and playful, invigorating sun protectant for all ages that can be used anywhere at any time. Stay cool and protected with IceCream Sunscreen is her tagline!

    “Stay Cool and Protected”.

    Lip Balm

    IceCream Sunscreen’s SPF15 lip balm comes in an array of flavors and is ultra-moisturizing! Fun flavors to choose from while maintaining healthy and plump lips!

    SPF30 Lotion – Vanilla

    IceCream Sunscreen’s SPF30 sunscreen is light enough for the facial skin, yet strong enough to protect the whole body from UVB rays. Healthy and protected skin from head to toe!

    IceCream sunscreens are water-resistant, reef-friendly, cruelty free, sulfate and paraben free, made for all ages and are light enough for the face, yet strong enough to protect the body.