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    IDS 10 Opening Night!

    So after what I thought would be a neverending battle with my laptop, I finally managed to turn my laptop on and upload all the juicy goodness from Toronto International Design week.
    If you went to any of the events this past week, then you know just how amazing everything was. But let’s talk about, IDS 10 (The Interior Design Show). One word. mmm, there are no words to describe just how AMAZING IDS 10 was.
    oh how I love thee… *sigh* lol
    I didn’t know what to expect as I braved the cold, and took a short walk over to the MTCC (Metro Toronto Convention Centre) to attend IDS 10.
    I knew I’d like it, but I had no idea just how much I’d LOVE it!
    As soon as I got my pass, I got these butterflies of excitement… I had a feeling my eyes were in for quite a show.
    I gotta tell you, I was really excited; I had to restrain myself from running up that escalator past the friendly volunteers and get the suspense over and done with. But I’m a lady, so I waited till I got to the top and gracefully walked off and into Interior Design Heaven!
    I’d love to tell you about all the furniture I was lusting over, but why not just show you? (click album link below for more pics!)
    ps: Thank you ever so much to Lauren for hooking me up with access to the whole event! I found myself walking around in awe, with my head undecided about where to look first or next! It was A-W-E-S-O-M-E! Can’t wait for next year!
    *more sighs*
    there  was some good grub going on here!
    I know ALL lil boys out there would love these kinda walls in their rooms!
    I know, I know, but just breathe… ha ha ha
    can’t go to the motherland? bring it to ya!
    soooo romantic…mmm mmm mmm I need this whole set!
    I was a lil shy to get in on day one… but by day four I was ready… lol
    starting at about $63,000, this one’s about $80,000+
    I left feeling like I REALLY need to upgrade my condo in a major way! lol.
     Nonetheless it was a great ending to an amazing night!

    More pics!

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    IDS Opening Party

    Yes – Read that, meditate and act upon it. Your surroundings affect you wayyyyyy more than you realize.
    The crystal exhibits were simply breath taking! I want to be surrounds by sparkly things my entire life and every single minute of it. The CRYSTALLIZED with Swarovski elements is incredible and if you need a reason to go to IDS09. This is it.
    This was my all time favourite thing at IDS09 this year. Maybe it reminds me of the jellyfish in the movie 7 Pounds, except not deadly. I want to buy this for my sister when she graduates from Law School. You can find them at BlownGlass.ca
    Hats and head accessories are a big thing this year, this is how you do it right @:D
    Very cool – I think this is done by DaisyCake architectural chaining
    Fabulous tartan dress! Creativity + beautiful = winning combo!

    This promo is funny – imagine the job description: soap each other! ha ha ha

    I had to stop these ladies to snap their photo! Hair accessory, check!

    Bird in a cage!

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    (image from runningdive)
    It’s Feb! This is the shortest month of the year so let’s make it jam packed with fun. I am going to be attending the Trade preview today at Interior Design Show aka IDS09. Click the link on the right to see what it’s all about. One of my favorite all time inspirations is industrial designer, author and Canadian Karim Rashid. You might have heard his name from Umbra, his book Design Your SELF, and other engagements. The theme this year is Find Your Inspiration. Running from Feb 5-8 at the Direct Energy Centre on the CNE grounds, you should check it out. I am looking forward to the Crystal Clear, Studio North and Collaborations exhibits. Glittering prototypes with Swarovski crystal are so up my alley! On the 8th, they have a ‘GET GLAM’ special about how to glam up your living area. The panel talk and guest speakers are presenting 20 slides in 20 seconds. This is what life is about.

    Communication and how blogs steer design trends is a big topic this year. It’s all in one place, stay fresh, and inspire yourself. Bath trends, Fashion colors, lighting techniques, global trends, designs and color research, sustainability vs luxury – so excited!
    Get all the 411 here

    Check back tomorrow for photos from the IDS09 Opening Night Party
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