• Toronto

    Reading for the Soul

    Recently I have been re-evaluating my goals for 2011. One of my main goals was to lose some weight, and I have been working on it, and have lost 10 pounds. 10 pounds may not be anything to you, but really I have been sick since March (every week with something different) and this is such a big feat for me. I’m inspired and will be continuing. Another one of my goals was to read more. When I was younger I used to read books a lot and now I only read the newspaper- if I’m lucky. So with the first book, I’m going to start with Kelly Cutrone- ‘If You Have To Cry, Go Outside’. Kelly is a PR maven and is the founder/owner of People’s Revolution a PR company in LA and NYC. Follow them at @peoplesrev. She was also on the hit show- The Hills. This is her autobiography and I cannot wait to start reading it. I’ll let you all know what I think about it next week. Until then, HAPPY READING!!!

    P.S. I’m doing a challenge and trying to read at least a book a week (I used to read a book in 3 days so a week is perfect). Won’t you join in on the challenge??? Let’s read together..

    What should I read next week?? Any suggestions??

    xo, Tanya