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    Congo Classrooms Interviews

    Hey ya’ll

    As promised here are some interviews from the Congo Classrooms for A Brighter Future benefit concert.


    Melanie Durrant –



    Glenn Lewis –



    Check them out and show your support to @misskayceeleigh or subscribe to youtube.com/kayceeleigh1

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    Video ♥: HeyDoYou x KHWs

    I had an awesome time interviewing these guys! I also got to watch them perform… soooooo GOOD.
    I love meeting talented people that are still so down to earth! There’s a huge amount of love and trust between these guys.. had me feeling like I wanted to be part of the band! lol (I’m down if you’re down lol)

    Thanks again to Scott, Christian, Liam, John and Brian, you guys are AWESOME!


    Even though I was exhausted, I wasn’t about to miss my very first Steam Whistle UNSIGNED last Friday night, and oh-my-g**! F **king AMAZING! Excuse my French, but I had chills running up my spine, goosebumps, everything, because the music was SO GOOD. The bands? Out of this world! I was on the verge of tears of joy a number of times during the performances. Don’t ask my why, all I know is that my soul was definitely very happy; hence the tears. My heart damn near exploded when Five Star Trailer Park performed, and don’t get me started on Rachel Hamilton and The Funnel Cakes. Ketch Harbour Wolves were the perfect ending to a very busy day!
    Believe me when I tell you, we haven’t even come close to grasping just how MUCH talent there is in Canada. Let’s support each other, and let the world know!!!

    Shout outs to Miss Betty Dang and AudioBlood Media for organizing everything!
    Don’t forget to check out their website!
    peace and blessings.
    *HeyDoYou is for the cute, clever and connected*

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    Video ♥: HeyDoYou x QFF

    Make sure you check out my interview!!

    Big shout out to Mike, I know you guys were super busy so THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!
    Super cool, super down to earth.

    peace and love

    *HeyDoYou is for the cute, clever and connected*