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    Gourmet Burger Co.

    GBC, not George Brown College… the other one! The Gourmet Burger Co. is flipping up some pretty yummy burgers on Parliment & Carlton St.  I hit up this spot with my crazy friend last week to check it out to see what all the fuss was about – It’s just a burger right?  Apparently, this is the first spot in Toronto to serve up what they call and Aussie Burger.  Owner John Ward and chef Richard Delpratt is hitting Cabbagetown by storm with GBC’s burgers – truly gourmet, truly addictive. Even if you don’t care about the sweet potato fries, you should at least go by to hello to the sexy chef in there. 😉

    Picture from BlogTO

    Aussie burger ($8.50) starts off promisingly enough – 6 ounces of aged, lean never-frozen house-ground Canadian beef topped with regulation bacon, lettuce, tomato, Hellman’s mayo and gooey cheddar cheese – but veers into previously uncharted territory with the addition of a fried egg, grilled pineapple and beets.

    The Works ($6.95) that keeps the banquet basics of the Aussie but trades the egg, pineapple and beets for more familiar sautéed button mushrooms and caramelized balsamic onions. 

    482 Parliament St. Toronto, ON, ON M4X 1P2 – (647) 344-5103
    Open Daily 11:30am-9pm


    Better try it to believe it.

    Picture from BlogTO