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    The Last of the Roll

    Finally got a free moment to post the last of my LGFW Toronto photos… random shots of this and that! Had a fantastic time at both the Angela Chen & ¬†Amanda Lew Kee shows as well as the Juzd fashion party at Nyood hosted by Taj of Maxamus and DJ Lissa Monet… below. xo.


    Juzd Bamboo Party @ Nyood


    Chelle & I w. @BanooByMeSahar & @Trexxx1LOVETO

    Loved HER! Camden Market meets Mary Poppins

    Caught up with my boys Corey of The Airplane Boys & Style By Drew


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    Ipsos Breakfast

    Ipsos is a worldwide market research company that does everything from trending to surveys and everything in between. Ipsos is dedicated to a single line of work: survey-based research. Ipsos is divided into five areas of specialization. For the past thirty years we have been loyal to this unique positioning, which has made Ipsos one of the leaders in the research industry. They are kind of a big deal.

    I have been involved with the glitzy fun side of marketing, public relations, sampling, promotions and wom for the last 10 years of my life and imagine my surprise when they asked to interview me fall 08 in Toronto for a North American Trend report!  I went in to their office on Bloor and answered questions for about an hour and that was it. I didn’t think much of it until I got this email.  It invited me to come to the Trend Observer presentation breakfast. ^_^

    trendsetter! yay!

    It’s really an honour to be acknowledged as an early-adopter in trends by such a prestigious marketing company. Merci! Thank you! Gracias!
    Some of the consumer trends, as presented by Stephanie Cooper, the vice president of Ipsos Reid:

    Trend 1: classic form + better
    This trend is about taking a known form and adding features to make it better.

    Polariods —— now with a printer!
    90210 —— now with multicultural cast!
    Vespa —— now with more power!

    Trend 2: technology in action
    This trend takes the connected @ home concept to what they call the open cocoon. This is the person who is on the go, no fixed address and always
    mobile. Fluidity between work and life and not tethered to the computer

    Trend 3: everyday spirituality
    Finding that we own to much stuff and it impedes our happiness, clearing mental clutter and freeing ourselves.  *read Peter Walsh*

    Trend 4: iLead the way
    This is amazing and it begins with experimentation, independence and self sufficiency. *read This book will save your life*

    Trend 5: iImpact
    Talked about the neon light unlighters in France and people who take matters into their own hands and setting an agenda. Like the TV show Dexter, Radiohead and Google’s project http://www.project10tothe100.com/

    Trend 6: Responsibility
    The responsible and conscious consumer who uses money as a tool and buying more quality items. Me and mine mentality, favouring national and local products

    Jing of JUZD and me!
    They are looking for Trendsetters in NY, Toronto, LA and everywhere else in the world! If you are interested in participating in the Trend Observer 2010, leave me a message and I will send you the right direction!

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    Recession or no recession, the fashion drum keeps beating and the street styles keep marching. Cutest in charge this year in Las Vegas. Here are the ones who keep it fresh and keep us inspired. Leave us a comment if we got u!

    You are fine. Thank you

    6-yr old DJ


    LMAO cutest in charge!

    thanks dude!


    So much more to come! I found so many amazing designers, websites, people and they will be each featured during the month of Sept in individual posts… so check back often and Do You!

    see you next year! love yvonne!

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    Taking Pelham 123

    Sharky, Lola & I are going to see the prescreening of Taking Pelham 123 today! Denzel… I am expecting a lot from you – trailers look good, production cost were minimized (shot in the subway!) and the plot has to hold the story up – excited!

    The crowd reclaiming Blackberries + iPhones after

    Flow93.5 handing out Mike&Ikes – yum!
    got my mind on destiny, purpose and outliers

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