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    Top 10 skincare ingredients revolutionizing the beauty world

    By: Elsa N. Arauz

    Beauty is a constantly evolving entity – new products, techniques and trends drop each and every day. What was once popular last year becomes outdated this year and is no longer functional.  We can accept those things about what’s hot in beauty; it’s always cool to learn new and better ways of looking beautiful. But did it ever occur to you that more important than revolving trends are the gradual changes to the types of ingredients that are in your favorite cosmetics, skincare or hair care products? As the world turns to more sustainable and environmentally friendly cars, airplanes and recycling methods, so is beauty.  Here are 9 of the newest ingredients beauty brands are putting into your favorite products,which will not only make you look and feel fabulous:

    1. Niacinamide – Also known as vitamin B3, it is commonly found in meat, yeast, eggs, fish, cereal grains and green vegetables. In the medical world, Niacinamide is also known for preventing heart disease, high cholesterol, Alzheimer’s and Diabetes. However, in the beauty and skin care world Niacinamide anti-inflammatory properties diminish the appearance of acne, combats hyperpigmentation and plumps up skin. It has been used by Olay for years as their primary anti-aging ingredient for their anti-aging skin care lines.


    1. Quinoa – Bolivians call Quinoa “the mother grain”, and the rest of the world agrees that it is indeed a superfood. You may have heard of Quinoa used primarily eaten as food, but Quinoa is being incorporated into skincare and cosmetics formulations.  Quinoa is nutrient-rich and anti-inflammatory which make it a suitable ingredient for skin care purposes.  declared by the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nation


    1. Kakadu plum – It was used by the Indigenous Aboriginals of Australia for thousands of years and has the highest known Vitamin C concentration of any other fruit in the world. The antioxidants in Kakadu Plum promote the production of collagen to remove fine lines and wrinkles and reverse skin damage brought on by the sun.


    1. Micro silver  –  Derived through a method that employs the purest metallic silver, micro silver creates an invisible layer on the skin that acts as an anti-inflammatory ingredient and kills of any skin-irritating microbes.  The ions in silver create the protective layer that treats hypersensitive skin, rosacea and other skin conditions.

    1. Fomes officianals – Fomes officianals is scientific term for the Agarikon mushroom which grows in forests and is known to fight actively against viruses in vitro. As an ingredient in beauty and skin-care products, it can visibly reduce pore visibility and size. This mushroom extract is also an amazingly natural astringent that helps tighten skin.


    1. Charcoal – Who doesn’t love a good face masks? Especially when it is declared by Allure Magazine to be “the beauty ingredient of the moment”, charcoal is definitely blowing  skincare and beauty enthusiasts away because it can absorb thousands of times its own mass making it great for facials. Active charcoal lifts off bacteria, dirt, chemicals and microbes from the skin.


    2. Plankton(marine ingredient): Plankton, a marine species derived from seaweed, algae and marine skeletons.  Plankton acts on multiple stages of the skin pigmentation process by reducing the prevalence of melanin in skin prone to hyperpigmentation. In effect, Plankton brightens up the skin and makes it more even.


    1. Bee venom – Remember the first time you got stung by a bee and all the pain that came from that sting? Imagine learning that the very same venom could be in your moisturizer! Well, even Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton calls honey bee venom a “natural Botox” as it has the properties to regenerate skin and reduce the effects of aging and damage. Bee venom tricks the skin into believing it has been stung to prompt the production of collagen and elastin.

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    1. Ximenia – Ximenia is extracted from a tree native to Southern Africa whose fruits look similar to plums. The women of the region have been utilizing Ximenia oil to condition their hair and skin as it so moisturizing for dry skin. Ximenia has anti-inflammatory properties that has been shown to increase blow flow to the skin.

    Don’t be surprised if you see any of these ingredients added onto the skincare or beauty product you live by.  These ingredients are not all popular now, but will soon be the next defining ingredient you apply to your face for a more youthful and glowing look!


    10. 24K refined gold – The bonus ingredient on our list is 24K refined gold which contains ultra fine activated gold leaf and improves circulation around your eyes and deeply penetrates your skin. When in contact with your skin, refined gold can do as much as to relieve allergies and removing swelling and puffiness around your eyes. Curious to put 24K refined gold to the the test? Get a free sample of Lonvitalite’s 24K Gold Active Gold Full Eye Mask when you become a member at KarifBeauty.com!


    Elsa N. Arauz is the founder of KarifBeauty.com an online membership beauty boutique dedicated to women of color. She is a twenty-something living in NYC of Garifuna descent.  She honestly believes pink to be the best color in the world, even though it does not exist in nature.