• Austin,  WorldWide

    Katz Deli On The Late Night!!

    Yall aint gon believe this!

    Its about 2:35 AM and i cant sleep a LICK!! and im sittn here thinkng to myself, what would a fat kid like me do at this time of hour?? EAT!!! duhhhhhhhh! So i automatically thought of this hot spot i use to eat at downtown that was a 24 hour joint called Katz Deli until it CLOSSSSEEEDDD!!! Im not bitter 🙂 😉 lol

    You see how they had the pimp ass Katz Deli car in the front of the restaurant?? Child Please!!! I use to go here on the late night and order EVERYTHING on the menu :).

    Yea get a good look at all this goodness because the Katz Deli in Downtown Austin is NON EXISTENT after 31 years!!! 🙁

    Don’t even pay attention to this sign because THEY DO CLOSE FOREVER! :(…Oh well, guess ill make some late night grub here ay my place…

    Peace,Love and Food…