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    DJ OHSO, a chick to lookout for!

    Hey guys!

    I recently heard about new female DJ here in Toronto. I always love it when I see females DJ’s making a splash in Toronto representing all the talented chicas!  DJ OHSO recently made a surprise Birthday mixtape for Hip Hop artist Redway.  So she’s talented AND a sweetheart?!  Yup!
    To listen to the mixtape check out this site  click here
    check her out on Twitter! @OHSOxo

    xoxo Kaycee
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    Lady Gaga’s Judas premieres tonight!

    OK little monsters..are you ready??!!

    Superstar Lady Gaga has joined forces with E! to unveil the world premiere of her latest – and perhaps most talked about – music video for her upcoming single “Judas.”

    Its going to air in its entirety on E! NEWS on TONIGHT @ 7 p.m on E!

    And tomorrow there will be an exclusive and revealing interview with Lady Gaga on Friday, May 6 at 7 p.m on E! NEWS.

    Hope you are excited for the originality, creativity and crazy that is Lady Gaga.

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    Hello World!

    Hey everyone!

    Kaycee Leigh here and I am so very excited to be guest blogging on HeyDoYou! I have followed this blog for years and I am honoured to now be apart of the team!

    My passion is music, entertainment and health so those posts are definitely going to pop up. My expertise ( I think?)  is field reporting and interviewing so get ready to for more videos coming your way. Hope you guys are ready for it! I’m looking forward to SUMMER weather, fun parties and lots of hanging with the heydoyou team.

    LOVES: my puppy CHAMP, r&b music, film and television (what I went to school for!) and makeup.

    All I can say right now is Hello world!


    XOXO. Kaycee

    Sidenote from Yvonne! Kaycee and I have known each other for years, starting with my Camera Ready Femmes and hosting Stylus DJ Awards for Marc Ecko. Kaycee is a singer and a television host you can see all her stuff on www.kayceeleigh.com.  Glad to have another amazing artistic, dog lover on the blog 😉 I am very excited and look forward to your posts as our summer guest blogger.

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