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    Correct and Conceal with @KhurairaMakeup

    Khuraira Cosmetics is a one-of-a-kind makeup brand, most notable for its Age-Control Dark Circle Primer. This innovative primer is red-orange in color, and works as a base for under-eye concealer. The reddish hue acts as a barrier between your skin and the concealer, picking up the warm tones in our natural skin and eliminating the blueish chalky look that we sometimes get by using primer alone. I discovered this product at IMATS in New York City, and I found that regardless of skin color, this product works every time. With my sister’s wedding coming up in August, I know this product is a must-have and will save us from looking tired in the photos. So many women have dark circles, and I was immediately impressed with the practicality and creativity of this product. And it really works!

    Find out more about Khuraira Cosmetics by visiting their website!