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    Today marks a sad moment for pop music icon fans all over the world. Losing Michael Jackson at the age of only 50 has us all in shock! Michael was the first African American to internationally crossover with such mass appeal!!!
    He taught us the moonwalk, Thrilled us to bits & then assured us about Billy Jean! He changed pop music in a way that no one else ever had, doing so with a sequinned glove and black or white fedora. Even I, myself, an 80’s baby had an MJ t-shirt since infancy and a Mum who used his records to lull me to sleep. Friends of mine have even purchased both show & transportation tickets for next months first of 50 scheduled sold out shows in London, UK.
    Although most recent news of Michael Jackson weren’t the utmost in positivity, they could never be enough to side-track all the great memories of fans set in the company of a Michael Jackson track.
    HeyDoYou appreciates a great artist, accepts a human being & misses Michael Jackson on behalf of fans for years to come!!!
    Michael Jackson performing Thriller Live, 1987

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